Saturday, April 22, 2006


Sox whispering continues....

Sox radio move may shake airwaves

"All indications are that the Sox are closing in on a deal with Greater Media-owned WBOS-FM (92.9) that would put game broadcasts on that station. That would be a major blow to Entercom’s WEEI-AM (850), the team’s current radio partner.

Meanwhile, the industry was abuzz with rumors about future WBOS programming. Some believe it could be an all-Red Sox station."

And the one line I LOVE in the article is this:

"Higher up the AM dial, 1510 The Zone (WWZN) operates mostly in obscurity."

You don't think Greater Media might do a deal where the Sox would own a slight majority of WBOS (and run games), and GM can be the minority owner--and maybe the Sox (w/their NYTimes/Globe connection) could do a "Boston Globe Radio" station similar to what's happening with Wash. Post Radio in DC? Naaah, maybe not, but it could still happen (news/sports talk/Sox on FM...)

btw: has been part of a hostile takeover (see for details)...

and I hear (Radio and Records via a post on boston-radio-interest) that WCRN 830 AM in Worcester has picked up Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, and Micahel Savage. Looks like True Oldies Channel could be Truly Gone, with Carter Broadcasting switching it to
Boston Radio Watch says it's a done deal: Sox to WBOS. Great wailing and gnashing of teeth expected on Guest St.;
champagne corks on Morrissey Blvd.
Sox in FM stereo-o-o-o!
---there has been no champagne uncorked on announcement yet.....still not a done deal.
yes--it's silent, TOO silent. We can't assume anything, though the BRW column did sound like the 'BOS deal was going to be announced. Some speculation has it that they may also try to get Bruins rights (is the WBZ deal over?) and maybe will wait till both deals are cemented.
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