Wednesday, April 26, 2006


O&A News...the worst kept secret! ;-)

Looks like O&A and CBS have no hard feelings about their experience at WNEW, St. Patricks, etc. They've kissed and made up! (Money does wonders, doesn't it?)

Monday Morning the worst kept secret in radio was officially announced.

From Radio & Records:

Opie & Anthony Return To Terrestrial Airwaves

The first show consisted of a mixture of different subjects. The humor then began to take an expected turn; potty humor, references to homosexuality and politically incorrect jokes about Down Syndrome and AIDS.

I'm sure THAT will get more listeners that DLR!

From the Herald:

Hey, mayor! We’re baaack: Opie, Anthony psyched for Hub return

And from USA Today....

Opie & Anthony airing on XM & CBS

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