Thursday, April 06, 2006


Now to find the replacement.....


After a day with the news of Gary Lapierre retiring, comes the question of his replacement.

I know that his Jay McQuaide used to be the main fill-in anchor for when LaPierre was on vacation....and would've loved to be Gary's replacement (and who wouldn't mind Gary's salary?). ;-)

However, Jay is now at Blue Corss/Blue Shield.

The Herald's Greg Gatlin wrote this peice citing some of the reaction to Gary's leaving.

Changing of guard: Longtime ’BZ star LaPierre retiring

"WBZ General Manager Ted Jordan says allowing LaPierre to broadcast the news from his home in St. Augustine, Fla., for about six weeks a year was a small price to pay to keep the anchor on the air. "

Hmmmm....even with the bad press Ted?

"As LaPierre prepares to step down, Jordan is planning to beef up WBZ’s reporting staff. The GM says he’d like to add more people and do more investigative reporting.

“It’s almost as though I feel like a basketball team that lost a great center,” Jordan said. “You just don’t go out and get another great center. So I’m going to get me a couple of great shooting guards"'.

When listening in recent years, it always seemed to me in recent years WBZ has been cutting staff left and right. When listening, I always got the impression that the staff was pretty lean.

Although, losing Gary's salary might free up enough to hire two!


I think Jay is still pretty thankful he's out of there. From what I understand he was not happy with the operation and atmosphere.

As for beefing up the staff, you're right, BZ has been cutting, not adding. Ant the folks that have been added, well are they on staff or "casual"? Some of those "casual" workers are putting in 40+ hours a week without the bennies.

The other question remains where is Ted Jordan going to get his new "center and shooting guards"? There are very few "feeder" stations left in the area doing news.

As for who replaces Gary? My guess right now is Greg Jensen, but that could change.

Just some thoughts.
This might be a good time for Ted Jordan to "re-tool" the station with some good talent

but as the commenter above noted, where is the talent going to come from?

I liked Gary in the AM and Diane in the PM.....but other than that, what do they have for talent?
People still NOT replaced at WBZ who are gone:

Jay McQuaide
Bill Lawrence
Robert Ames
Joe Cox
Julie Sider
Flo Jonac

and now,
Gary LaPierre!

So it seems to me they need more than a couple of "point guards"! And why is Ted Jordan drawing a comparison between WBZ and the Celtics anyway? Doesn't he know this year is the 20th anniversary of their last title and this year they didn't make the playoffs, again? LOL

So I put it to you, fine reader. Name 7 radio news nchors/reporters in the region that are of the quality of the folks named above that could jump in...

Better yet just name 7 radio news anchors/reporters in the region!
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