Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Not to be upstaged by Katie Couric.....

Gary LaPierre Announces His Retirement!

"After more than 4 decades at WBZ NEWSRADIO 1030, Gary LaPierre on Wednesday announced his retirement. He explained the time is right. "I still love what I'm doing but there comes a point in your life when you say, 'Ok you've done that long enough'..I'd like to try some other things." Gary has not decided on his future plans. He will continue to anchor the WBZ Morning News until the end of the year.

Gary began his broadcasting career in 1964, when he reported on The Beatles first visit to Boston. He has covered a number of presidential campaigns and conventions. Gary was also the lead anchor for WBZ's continuous coverage of the 911 attacks."

You can also hear BZ's Deb Lawler interview Gary at this web page.

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