Friday, April 14, 2006


But is it legal....?

One of the creators of Allston-Brighton Free Radio, is ready to sign on another community based station. ZUMIX, from East Boston.

With the legal issues of getting Allston-Brighton Free Radio on the air previously, I assume that ZUMIX is going to operate within legal standards.

Allston-Brighton Free Radio wasn’t technically illegal when founder Stephen Proviser first set up the AM station in 2000.

ZUMIX radio to mark official launch May 5

The original mention in the Globe(4/6) stated that it would be on 1630AM. This article states 1650AM. (ISn't this where Logan operates their TIS station?) Or is this simply
another Clea-ism?

It's another Clea-ism. Logan's TIS does indeed broadcast at 1650AM and has for years. Zumix is indeed at 1630:
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