Wednesday, April 26, 2006


O&A News...the worst kept secret! ;-)

Looks like O&A and CBS have no hard feelings about their experience at WNEW, St. Patricks, etc. They've kissed and made up! (Money does wonders, doesn't it?)

Monday Morning the worst kept secret in radio was officially announced.

From Radio & Records:

Opie & Anthony Return To Terrestrial Airwaves

The first show consisted of a mixture of different subjects. The humor then began to take an expected turn; potty humor, references to homosexuality and politically incorrect jokes about Down Syndrome and AIDS.

I'm sure THAT will get more listeners that DLR!

From the Herald:

Hey, mayor! We’re baaack: Opie, Anthony psyched for Hub return

And from USA Today....

Opie & Anthony airing on XM & CBS

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Sox whispering continues....

Sox radio move may shake airwaves

"All indications are that the Sox are closing in on a deal with Greater Media-owned WBOS-FM (92.9) that would put game broadcasts on that station. That would be a major blow to Entercom’s WEEI-AM (850), the team’s current radio partner.

Meanwhile, the industry was abuzz with rumors about future WBOS programming. Some believe it could be an all-Red Sox station."

And the one line I LOVE in the article is this:

"Higher up the AM dial, 1510 The Zone (WWZN) operates mostly in obscurity."

Friday, April 21, 2006


Roth gone....O&A to replace?

OK, I know some people were betting on when the plug would be pulled...

It's official: David Lee Roth exits radio

And the Herald:

It’s official: David Lee Roth exits radio be replaced by Opie and Anthony?

Report: Opie & Anthony To Replace David Lee Roth

Also, take note: O&A are stating that not all of the details being reported about the deal are correct.

Here's the Herald's version:

Roth on his way out, Opie and Anthony may be coming back to ‘BCN

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Little Station that Could...!

Thos who have been following the saga of WAVM, the Maynard High School station, maybe be interested in the news that they have an arrangement to stay on the air.

School radio station gets boost Agency

It appears that someone brokered this deal, with all the aprties agreeing.

I wonder what went on behind the scenes.


Missing WCRB?

WCRB has taken it's share of hits from Classical music fans for the last few years, as it played more and more short & safe peices. (And less long and serious music.)

Letter: WCRB isn't really full-time classical

However, in those years, they have attracted more listeners than ever before.

Letter: Classical music snobs should lighten up

Now that we are anticpating WCRB's classical format dissappearing from the dial, there are some that will admit they are going to miss it.

Letter: Defending WCRB

BTW...Did you notice that she remembers listening to WCRB on AM?
(And I thought I was the only one who remembered clasical on 1330AM!)

Monday, April 17, 2006


WGBH on board with HD.

More plans to fill the Classical void that is expected when WCRB flips format.
Offerings on WGBH-FM expand via high definition

Friday, April 14, 2006


But is it legal....?

One of the creators of Allston-Brighton Free Radio, is ready to sign on another community based station. ZUMIX, from East Boston.

With the legal issues of getting Allston-Brighton Free Radio on the air previously, I assume that ZUMIX is going to operate within legal standards.

Allston-Brighton Free Radio wasn’t technically illegal when founder Stephen Proviser first set up the AM station in 2000.

ZUMIX radio to mark official launch May 5

The original mention in the Globe(4/6) stated that it would be on 1630AM. This article states 1650AM. (ISn't this where Logan operates their TIS station?) Or is this simply
another Clea-ism?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Red Sox move to FM still in play...?

And you thought talk of moving the Sox to FM was all done?

The Herald's "Inside Track" noticed who was in the owners box for opening day!

Hub’s movers & shakers make the scene on Opening Day

Others seen yapping up the owners: Greater Media man Peter Smyth who hopes to wrestle the Sox broadcast rights away from WEEI. But more on that later.

Airwave angst

Imagine WEEI chief Julie Kahn’s surprise to hear that Greater Media main man Peter Smyth, her rival in the sweepstakes for the Red Sox radio rights, was passing the time yesterday in the team owners’ suite at Fenway.

You see, the Sox reportedly are partial to playing ball with Smyth because he’s offered them a 25 percent ownership stake in one of his stations, namely WBOS. WEEI, which is owned by Entercom, doesn’t have an equity position on the table.

“It’s all about control,” an ’EEI biggie told us yesterday. “Larry (Lucchino) doesn’t want to listen to the station trashing the Sox, like with the Theo situation. He wants to control the talk.”

Not to be out-played or out-schmoozed, Julie slipped from her own suite full of guests yesterday to pay a call on the owners.

“I just missed Peter by five minutes,” she told us, with her eyes twinkling. “But I saw Larry.”

Oh, do stay tuned . . .

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


He May be a Survivor......

He may be a survivor....But now he's in protective custody!

Hatch hopes to be a ‘Survivor’ of prison experience

Survivor winner, Morning Show host on Star 93.7.....and now jail.

It's been quite a ride, eh Rich?

Monday, April 10, 2006


Who IS that guy on the Mike-FM TV Spots?

Well, now we know!

He's Eugene Mirman, who spent some of his life in Boston, but now lives in HYC.

The Boston Herald had this article about Eugene and Mike-FM.

Mirman takes the mike to promote Mike

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Now to find the replacement.....


After a day with the news of Gary Lapierre retiring, comes the question of his replacement.

I know that his Jay McQuaide used to be the main fill-in anchor for when LaPierre was on vacation....and would've loved to be Gary's replacement (and who wouldn't mind Gary's salary?). ;-)

However, Jay is now at Blue Corss/Blue Shield.

The Herald's Greg Gatlin wrote this peice citing some of the reaction to Gary's leaving.

Changing of guard: Longtime ’BZ star LaPierre retiring

"WBZ General Manager Ted Jordan says allowing LaPierre to broadcast the news from his home in St. Augustine, Fla., for about six weeks a year was a small price to pay to keep the anchor on the air. "

Hmmmm....even with the bad press Ted?

"As LaPierre prepares to step down, Jordan is planning to beef up WBZ’s reporting staff. The GM says he’d like to add more people and do more investigative reporting.

“It’s almost as though I feel like a basketball team that lost a great center,” Jordan said. “You just don’t go out and get another great center. So I’m going to get me a couple of great shooting guards"'.

When listening in recent years, it always seemed to me in recent years WBZ has been cutting staff left and right. When listening, I always got the impression that the staff was pretty lean.

Although, losing Gary's salary might free up enough to hire two!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Not to be upstaged by Katie Couric.....

Gary LaPierre Announces His Retirement!

"After more than 4 decades at WBZ NEWSRADIO 1030, Gary LaPierre on Wednesday announced his retirement. He explained the time is right. "I still love what I'm doing but there comes a point in your life when you say, 'Ok you've done that long enough'..I'd like to try some other things." Gary has not decided on his future plans. He will continue to anchor the WBZ Morning News until the end of the year.

Gary began his broadcasting career in 1964, when he reported on The Beatles first visit to Boston. He has covered a number of presidential campaigns and conventions. Gary was also the lead anchor for WBZ's continuous coverage of the 911 attacks."

You can also hear BZ's Deb Lawler interview Gary at this web page.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Mike can't make up his mind....

Anyone getting an offer to be PD at any of the Entercom stations should be wary.

First, Brian Whittemore is removed from his PD chair afdter less than a year on the job, and now this.

Steve Jones, PD of Entercom Adult Hits WMKK (Mike FM)/Boston, signs on as OM of DMS Broadcasting's three-station cluster in Grand Cayman.

Didn't Jones just come on board this past fall?

It was just last week Enetrcom said that Steve Jones was "staying on as PD" under the oversight of WAAF PD Ron Valeri. How quickly things change!

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