Saturday, March 11, 2006


Roth Implosion?

I am not sure what the head honcho's at CBS were thinking when they asked David Lee Roth to take over the slot vacated by Howard Stern.

Did they think it would be easy? Did they think he would retain all of Stern's ratings?

Even Howard has stated that anyone needs time to develop an audience.

A non-radio person like David Lee Roth doesn't appear to have the radio savy to carry that show....and to make the necessary adjustments.

All of the sudden CBS and Roth are feeling the heat of what it is like to replace a personality like Stern.

It appears CBS is panicking...and it appears that Roth is suddenly feeling the pressure. (Did he think this was going to be a cakewalk?)

He doesn't appear to be taking the constructive criticism and "tweaking" necessary to develop the show. In this NY Post article, he is spouting off about his possible demise.


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