Friday, March 31, 2006


Satelite Radio.....the standard....?

Can you imagine satelite radio coming standard in new cars?

Just might happen!



Mike is on the "buddy" system....

First it was Entercom's Jason Wolfe who took on additional PD duties at WRKO (in addition to same duties at WEEI.)

Now, Ron Valeri, current PD of WAAF will take on programming oversight of WMKK-FM ("Mike-FM") as well.

WMKK PD Steve Jones stays on. Didn't they just bring him in as a format specialist?

Is Entercom worried?

Entercom/Boston Ups Ron Valeri To Director/FM Programming

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Roth implosion iminent.....?

The ratings period begins....and Roth is absent?

Replacing Stern is certainly a tough act to follow, butif the Roth show gets cancelled, I imagine it will have more to do with egos (both management and talent), and unrealistic expectations...

From the article below, it appears that Matt Siegal's show on Kiss 108 is the prime recipient of the wayward Stern audience.

First, The Boston Herald's Articles

Roth can’t get a jump in ratings(3/29)

Tunes talk for Roth on rocker’s day off, (3/30)

And from the New York Post:


Anyone care to venture a guess on when we get the official "cancelled" news?

Saturday, March 25, 2006


New PD at Boston ESPN Radio WAMG

Is it me, or does anyone else find it strange that a PD from legendary WGN would come to Boston to be PD and struggling little WAMG?

Hub ESPN radio fires program director

And of course, it's even worse when you hear thru the grapevine about your replacement being hired...

ESPN Boston management let Tribou go earlier this week after word of the impending hire reached him, sources within the station said.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Natalie is still going strong!

Natalie Jacobsen is another anchor who has always handled herself with poise and class.

She says retirement is not on the radar!

At WCVB, it’s still Nat at bat

"...she denies rumors that she’s retiring from the business. In fact, Jacobson, who is the solo anchor of the 6 p.m. newscast, says she wants to do more."



What would you think if the Boston Globe owned a TV station?

Some say that the Herald's Pat Purcell always wanted a TV station.

The FCC chairmen wants to lift the current crossownership ban on owning newspapers, TV & Radio Stations in the same market.

FCC chairman puts metro media ownership in cross hairs

"Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin last week made it clear that he plans to move as quickly as possible to lift a ban on owning newspapers and broadcast outlets in the same market."

Saturday, March 18, 2006


FLASH: Sox look to move to WBOS

Wow....Who saw this coming?

Sox look to move broadcasts to WBOS
Team in talks to buy 25% stake in station

Friday, March 17, 2006


Severin Agrees: Howie is Top Dog!

Syndicated Talk host Jay Severin, who is in town for Imus' St. Patricks Day broadcast from the Ritz, speaks frankly about Howie Carr, his onetime competition.

Severin, now syndicated, calls Howie top talk dog

And, note the two items that were once considered "secret':

As for Severin’s on-air bachelor persona, don’t let that fool you, Severin actually yuks it up in a barn-turned-state-of-the-art studio near his Sag Harbor, N.Y., home where he lives with his wife and child. “I’m a country mouse,” said the New York City native.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Roth Snubs Hub!

Stop, Look, Listen! David Lee Roth asists in his own demise!

Static gets louder as Roth snubs Hub
"David Lee Roth’s radio days are numbered. Critics pan him. His ratings are horrendous. He’s difficult to work with and on air he’s dared his CBS bosses to fire him. And the list goes on..."

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Satellite radio stock?

You would think in the year of Stern, where satellite radio has really come into the publics consciousness that Sirius and XM stock would be soaring. (Especially Sirius.)

Look like Sirius stock price has been steadily going downhill, even with the Stern hoopla.

Enough to make it Boston Herald's Chuck Jaffe's Stupid Investment of the Week!

"Both Sirius and XM have bloated price-to-sales ratios, and have monster debt..."

“The kind of expenditures required to get programming and develop the infrastructure and get the subscribers is extraordinary, and they have been putting everything into it and they’re still losing money,” says Rudolph Martin, director of research for Weiss Ratings Inc., which has a sell advisory on both stocks. “They’re still losing big money, and you can’t expect a 180-degree turnaround.”

Monday, March 13, 2006


REVIEW: Howies Book....

David Boeri (of Channel 5), writes a review for the Boston Sunday Globe of Howie Carr's book about Whitey Bulger.
(I am not sure how long this will stay up on the web, so for now I am doing the down & dirty cut/paste.)

Paperback Whitey
Looking for Whitey Bulger? Try your bookstore.

By David Boeri | March 12, 2006

NOT LONG AGO, I had the pleasure of tracking down the semiretired Sonny Shields. A grizzled gangster, Shields boasted of how he shot and killed the last of three brothers wiped out by the duo of ''Cadillac" Frank Salemme and Stephen ''The Rifleman" Flemmi back in the '60s-because he had been acquitted of the murder, he was free to talk. ''There's a great book in this," the old gunsel said. He then pulled out a letter he'd written to a publisher, complete with a two-bullet PowerPoint presentation of his other career highlights: ''carried body parts for Vinnie 'The Bear' Flemmi" and ''almost killed Whitey Bulger."

He missed, and so too has the FBI. After 11 humiliating years, the bureau still doesn't have a clue where to find James ''Whitey" Bulger. The last supposed sighting it touted as ''legitimate," in London in 2002, is now quietly considered fictional. Just this week, the US attorney's office betrayed its desperation by releasing a grainy surveillance tape, apparently in the hope that footage of a 51-year-old Bulger will help someone recognize the now 76-year-old fugitive and turn him in.

The feds might have better luck if they checked with their local bookseller. Though Sonny Shields is still awaiting his contract, Bulger is in the aisles of just about every bookstore in Greater Boston these days, where the true crime shelves bend under the weight, if not the substance, of a new subgenre: the Whitey Bulger book.

The most recent entry in the field also happens to be the most interesting and accurate: ''Brutal" (Regan), by Kevin Weeks. Weeks was Bulger's young right-hand man, intimate enough to call the boss ''Jim." Arrested and charged with racketeering a couple years after Bulger fled in December 1994, Weeks rolled on Jim so fast-it took him all of 12 days-that he was dubbed ''Two Weeks" Weeks. His testimony helped the government convict Bulger's FBI handler John Connolly and convinced Bulger's partner Stephen Flemmi to plead guilty. His experiences make for an effective piece of storytelling, and as for ''fact-checking," Weeks's story has been vetted by the State Police, more than one federal bureau, and three juries.

So when Weeks talks about Bulger, he's got the goods and he makes clear the others don't. One of the authors he's accused of multiple errors is Howie Carr, who along with Weeks will be appearing tonight on ''60 Minutes," where both will tell their stories to reporter Ed Bradley. Weeks will reveal that he and Bulger had come close to killing Carr ''because we just hated his column and his inaccuracies," as he put it to me. (He claims once to have had Carr in his rifle sight, but decided against pulling the trigger when the columnist emerged from his house with his daughter in tow.)

Carr's new book, ''The Brothers Bulger" (Warner), is currently being hawked on everything from talk radio to refrigerator magnets. The book will be familiar to the Herald reporters who wrote the newspaper articles he's assembled into what is little more than a clip job repeating testimony of well-covered trials. Even for those who appreciate Carr's irreverence the book is curiously flat, despite being potholed with enough errors to earn entry into his own halls of ''hackorama."

While Carr has committed journalistic crimes, his fellow Bulger authors have committed the real thing. Some were capos in Bulger's mob, others just boyos barely within six degrees of separation. But all have a predatory instinct for an easy score, and are out to make a killing off the iconic Boston crime boss who made his own name in murder, terror, and corruption. If this means rubbing out, or fabricating, a few facts here and there, so be it. Committing fiction comes easily to men who commit murder.

Take, for instance, ''Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer for Whitey Bulger and the Irish Mob" (Steerforth). Its author, Eddie MacKenzie, had the reputation of a notorious taleteller even before he got a book contract. When he was indicted in 2001 for insurance fraud, charged with making up stories of a disabling injury, his first publisher bailed out. Hoping to make his bones as a writer, MacKenzie also claimed he had more than 100 face-to-face meetings with Bulger, though no one ever saw them together. When asked by a Globe reporter for the names of anyone who could verify his meetings, the former boxer said he couldn't remember because ''I got hit in the head a lot."

MacKenzie's biggest detractor is Kevin Weeks, who says MacKenzie never even met Bulger. Yet these two Boswells to Bulger share the same ghostwriter-one Phyllis Karas, whose previous work includes a tell-all book by Aristotle Onassis's private secretary-which tells you what you need to know about the genre. Like mob bosses outsourcing murders to hit men, Weeks, MacKenzie and company have left the dirty work to hired hands.

Bank robber, gunrunner, and Bulger partner in crime Pat Nee, also known as ''Paddy Kneecaps," enlisted a different ghostwriter but the same publisher for his book, ''A Criminal and an Irishman." He tells ''the Inside Story of the Boston Mob-IRA Connection," a narrowed focus that seems a prudent choice. Were Nee to tell all, he might have had to discuss his role in murders in which he's been implicated by, among others, Kevin Weeks. There's also the matter of the three victims Kneecaps buried in his basement and later dug up for Bulger and Weeks to bury elsewhere. Nee and his ghostwriter have nothing to say on that topic.

Then there's John ''Red" Shea, also a former boxer, leg breaker, and the author of ''Rat Bastards: The Life and Times of South Boston's Most Honorable Irish Mobster." A stand-up guy, Shea never rolled on Bulger, and went to prison instead. While being wiretapped, Shea once told his girlfriend what he'd do to anyone who turned out to be a rat: ''I'd take a chain saw and cut his [expletive] toes off."

Shea never had a chance to visit that punishment on the rat he claims sold him down the river: Whitey Bulger. Instead he's resorted to exacting his revenge through literature.

Whether Bulger got the message, we can't know for sure. It's tempting to imagine the latest Bulger books arriving in a nondescript package addressed to a brooding alias in some remote part of the world. Then again, why would he risk it? He probably knows as well as anyone that what's missing from the Literature of Whitey is Whitey himself. He's the real ghost.


Do you know this man...?

All-music MIKE-FM opens mike to ‘Seinfeld’ actor’s comic shorts

Whenever I hear him on Mike-FM, I will think of Elaine taking his peice of wedding cake, or Mr. Peterman trying to get Kramer to admit to his drug dealing....or the "Urban Sombrero"!


WBZ goes with(out) the Flo'....

I know there are a lot of BZ Bashers out there.

They may be pleased to know that WBZ finally is airing it's report on garage security.

WBZ-AM reports on garage security go on without Flo

I believe I heard that Flo has been doing some work at WATD in Marshfield.(?)


WROL's History.....

WROL is a curious mix of Irish jigs and Religion.

They have added an interesting "History" section to their web site.

WROL History
The earliest ancestor of WROL was WBSO, erected in Wellesley by Roger Babson, the founder of Babson College.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Liz is still at it....!

I have to respect Liz Walker.

She has handled herself, and her career well. She seems to have her feet on the ground and knows what is important in life.

The Herald had a nice article about Liz in Fridays edition.

Anchor’s away for Liz: Sunday show, family keep her busy


Roth Implosion?

I am not sure what the head honcho's at CBS were thinking when they asked David Lee Roth to take over the slot vacated by Howard Stern.

Did they think it would be easy? Did they think he would retain all of Stern's ratings?

Even Howard has stated that anyone needs time to develop an audience.

A non-radio person like David Lee Roth doesn't appear to have the radio savy to carry that show....and to make the necessary adjustments.

All of the sudden CBS and Roth are feeling the heat of what it is like to replace a personality like Stern.

It appears CBS is panicking...and it appears that Roth is suddenly feeling the pressure. (Did he think this was going to be a cakewalk?)

He doesn't appear to be taking the constructive criticism and "tweaking" necessary to develop the show. In this NY Post article, he is spouting off about his possible demise.


Thursday, March 09, 2006


The Feminine Mystique...?

The Herald's Greg Gatlin writes bout the Boston radio...and (lack of)the feminine mystique..

Hub Radio Tunes Out Feminine Mystique

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


AG sues Entercom in 'payola' suit

Entercom is under the microscope.

Here in Boston, Entercom owns music stations WMKK "Mike-FM" & Worcester-based WAAF.

The Herald carried the Hollywood Reporters story:

N.Y.'s Spitzer sues Entercom in payola probe

And the Globe has their own coverage.

NY attorney general sues major radio chain in 'payola' suit

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Howard's replacement, is...ummm....not doing so well....


Speaking of Roth, some in the Boston area might be familiar with Roth's producer "Hutch". Hutch worked at WROR and WZLX...and I assume came into contact with Roth when he did the trial run of his show in Boston. Hutch is now based in NY with Roth.

There has also been some talk that CBS and "FreeFM", the flagship station, wants to revamp the show.


What is interesting is not the fact that they want to 'tweak' the show....but Roth's resistance to any oversight and changes. Looks like they are heading for a showdown. Will DLR simply implode?


And now the other shoe drops....

Many people were wondering just how much CBS/Infinity was going to allow Howard Stern to push his new Sattelite deal....

From the New York Times:

CBS Radio Sues Stern for Breach of Contract

From USA Today:

Stern to CBS: 'I am not going to be bullied'


Rating Trends are in....

The 3 month Arbitrend for Boston are in!

You can peruse!

WJMN looks like it had an upswing.

is trending downward since their month long on-air Christmas party.
(Their individual month of January shows a more dramatic decrease.)

Just curious...are they still going to say on air "Boston's #1"?

WXKS-FM...looking good.

WEEI shows their seasonal down trend for the off season.

WBCN showed a drop, but not as dramatic as I would've thought after losing the Stern show.

WTKK is still suffering from their loss of Severin in drive-time.

WILD-FM (WBOT) has been growing since their transmitter move and call letter swap...beating WZLX and WBMX. (I know, I know, someone is going to say 12+ numbers don't mean much...but they mean something is not good at WZLX and WBMX!)

has it's lowest numbers in recent memory.

WZLX is still down, even in spite of their new morning show making some noise(?).

Interesting that WAMG shows up (even with wee numbers), whereas WWZN hasn't even shown up in recent memory!

Monday, March 06, 2006


OBIT: Jack Lazare

Jack Lazare worked in Boston at WCOP, WHDH and WHUE-A/F during the late 70's and early 80's.

Many of us remember pulling him in late night from WNEW in New York, which could be heard in Boston fairly consistantly after sunset.

I didn't realize that he worked as an actor as well!

Jack passed away about a week ago.


Jack Lazare, Radio Host, Actor, Dies; Lived In Essex, CT.

Some may remember his daughter, Lynn Lazare Finnell, who did some TV anchoring up in New Hampshire.

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