Monday, February 20, 2006


Jay Severin vs. Michael Graham on WTKK?

How many listeners to WTKK do you think are comparing Michael Graham, with his predecessor Jay Severin?

The Cranky Blogger who writes at his blog titled "Things That Suck", has his own comparison.

I was relieved beyond words when I heard that Jay was returning. I have been suffering with Graham's presence for one year now, tuning away from 969 every time that idiot came on the air. I think tkk was generous to even give that fool air time 7-10. Perhaps they'll hand him his hat this year and next fall we'll get another pleasant surprise by tkk sending him back where he came from!
Graham was rather whiney ....and he seemed came across as being forced while trying to talk about local issues. His mix of dribble about "right and wrong" coupled with his lame attempts at being "conservative" came across unconvincingly. Like you, I find myself surfing along to Howie, who at least makes no pretensions. Severin, though, has become beyond egocentric. His vitriolic spin has become boring, his "I'm me" and "your not" provides the listener with nothing. What insight I use to gain from his show, is stretched beyond anything useful. I just feel that I no longer gain anything from listening to him praise himself and his opinion. Hopefully, once he moves to Boston, he will come down a bit and once again become a value to the community.
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