Saturday, February 25, 2006


HD Radio is On The Air!

This appears to be the "Year of HD"!

After many stations quietly launched their HD channels about a month or so one paid much attention to it. Apparently there are not many radios in the field to rcieve these HD broadcast channels.

Then, Boston Acoustics dropped it's price by 1/3 on the units

Next, almost every major market station started broadcasting in HD....and utilizing the first of their avalable sub-channels ("HD-2")

And now, just within the past couple of weeks, the "HD Radio Alliance" started a web site to descibe and explain what HD radio is and what it does. They are running spots on the radio introducing the idea of HD Radio to listners...and pointing them to the web site. (You can sample the commercials on their web page.)

I hear rumors that some cars will be equipped with HD capable radios this fall.

One page I found particulalry interesting is the: HD Radio: How Does It Work?

Vvveeeerrrrry Interesting! ;-)

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