Saturday, February 25, 2006


Todd Gross reinvents himself on the Web

Here's an article from about what former Channel 7 meteorologist Todd Gross has been doing with his newfound spare time!

Todd Gross reinvents himself on the Web
(I don't know how long these TownOnline articles stay up, but the link works as of this writing.)


HD Radio is On The Air!

This appears to be the "Year of HD"!

After many stations quietly launched their HD channels about a month or so one paid much attention to it. Apparently there are not many radios in the field to rcieve these HD broadcast channels.

Then, Boston Acoustics dropped it's price by 1/3 on the units

Next, almost every major market station started broadcasting in HD....and utilizing the first of their avalable sub-channels ("HD-2")

And now, just within the past couple of weeks, the "HD Radio Alliance" started a web site to descibe and explain what HD radio is and what it does. They are running spots on the radio introducing the idea of HD Radio to listners...and pointing them to the web site. (You can sample the commercials on their web page.)

I hear rumors that some cars will be equipped with HD capable radios this fall.

One page I found particulalry interesting is the: HD Radio: How Does It Work?

Vvveeeerrrrry Interesting! ;-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006


WWZN....laid to rest?

It appears the whole "Sporting News" empire is up for sale

Allen weighing offers for Sporting News
"It runs a Web site,, a 24-hour talk radio network and AM radio stations in New York, Los Angeles and Boston."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Editors Note.... ;-)

Just a reminder to some of our daily visitor.

Some of the newer posts do not always appear at the "top" of this page....because of the way they were entered. :-( I have put a 'sticky' up to keep important posts, like Curt's on top.

You might want to scroll down to the post about Richard hatch, there are some new entries below that.

So, when you stop by, you might want to scroll down a bit and see if there is any new entries when you check in.




Pretty Radios...and they sound good too! ;-)

Those who have been fans of Cambridge Soundworks and Tivoli radios, might be interested in Brett Arends article about Tom Devesto, and the state of manufacturing in the US.

Radio co. tuned to fine design, sound — low-cost labor

Monday, February 20, 2006


Jay Severin vs. Michael Graham on WTKK?

How many listeners to WTKK do you think are comparing Michael Graham, with his predecessor Jay Severin?

The Cranky Blogger who writes at his blog titled "Things That Suck", has his own comparison.


Sox Sportscaster Curt Gowdy dies

Some may remember Curt for owning some area radio stations as well as his Red Sox announcing.

He owned WCCM 800AM in Lawrence and WBBX in Portsmouth, NH.

Sportscaster Curt Gowdy dies

'Gowdy brought a warm feel to the broadcast booth, his commentary always full of good humor and enthusiasm. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig called Gowdy "one of the legendary broadcasters of our game."'

Thursday, February 16, 2006


WEEI's new home in Springfield...!


(Bala Cynwyd, PA February 17, 2006) Entercom Communications Corp.
(NYSE: ETM) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire radio station WBEC, 105.5 FM, in Springfield, MA, from Great Northern Radio, LLC for $5.75 million. Entercom plans to simulcast WEEI-AM 850, Sports Radio Boston with some additional syndicated programming and play by play. The acquisition is subject to FCC approval, which is expected in the second quarter.

In 2004 Entercom launched a successful simulcast of WEEI-AM into Providence, RI bringing the best of New England sports talk programming to this region. The response from listeners and advertisers has been outstanding. WEEI AM also simulcasts in Worcester on WVEI, 1440 AM.
Julie Kahn, Vice President and Market Manager of Entercom Boston stated: "The WEEI program team is excited about extending coverage into the Springfield area. WEEI Sports Radio is one of the nation's truly unique radio stations and we know there is a great deal of interest in this market area for this programming."

Vice President of AM Programming for Entercom Boston, Jason Wolfe said, "To be able to take Dennis and Callahan, Dale and Holley, the Big Show and Mike Adams to the Springfield/Western Massachusetts area is another great step in our plans to expand WEEI's terrific brand. I am very excited about delivering outstanding Sports Radio to a whole new core of listeners."

WBEC has a construction permit for a better signal.

You can check out their improved signal....HERE.

To take a look at WBEC's current website (and their soon to be unemployed staff).....Click HERE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


WZLX Seat gets filled.....

From Radio & Records

Mike Thomas New WZLX/Boston PD

Mike Thomas will take over PD duties at CBS Radio/Boston’s Classic Rock, replacing Beau Raines, who recently left to program Entercom Classic Rock KQMT (99.5 The Mountain)/Denver. Thomas will begin his new duties on Feb. 27, reporting to WZLX SVP/GM Mark Hannon.

"Mike has worked at several legendary rock stations across the country and we are very fortunate to bring his talent to Boston, continuing the 20 year legacy of WZLX under his leadership," Hannon says.

Thomas most recently served as PD of Clear Channel's Classic Rock KGB/San Diego and Rocker WFBQ/Indianapolis. His radio resume includes programming experience at WTUE and WXEG in Dayton, as well as WYMG and WQQL in Springfield, IL.

"I have been very lucky in my career, and now to have the opportunity to join CBS Radio and program WZLX is truly amazing," Thomas says. "This is a great radio station with some of the best air personalities in Rock radio."
— Sarah Vance, R&R Staff Reporter

(I believe there is a current or past radio person in the Boston-Worcester area named "Mike Thomas".....I'm almost 100% sure this is not the same one.)


Personalities Personal Web Sites....

You will notice in the lower left hand of the blog we have a listing of some of the personal web sites of Boston Radio personalities.

The latest addition is Jackson Blue of Kiss 108.

Have we forgotten anyone? Let me know...!

Thanks! K.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 to KC....!

Paul Marshalls Up The MD Spot in KC

PAUL had a brief run at WBCN, but a longer stay previous to that at crosstown ENTERCOM Active Rock WAAF doing afternoons. He also spent some time as MD/Afternoons at KRXQ/SACRAMENTO.

ENTERCOM's KQRC/KANSAS CITY is warming up the the MD/Afternoon guy chair for the arrival of "NEANDER"PAUL MARSHALL any day now.

Paul is an Entercom boy again! ;-)


Eddie inks the deal...

Boy it didn't take Eddie long to turn up again, did it? ;-)

Eddie is back from the obscurity of The Zone a full signal station in Boston. Eddie is 69 now...and the Sunday Night show might just be the pace he is looking for at this point.

Veteran returns to radio: Andelman inks deal



ABC News' program Primetime, did a report on the subject of "payola" in the music/radio industry.

You can find the story, along with some video and audio here:

100s of Radio Stations in Payola Probe
FCC Commissioner: Evidence of 'Systematic Betrayal of the Responsibility of Broadcasters'

Radio & records is reporting that the FCC has started to look into the issue:

Report: FCC Conducting Huge Payola Probe

In an interview with ABC News, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said the agency is currently pouring over stacks of evidence of potential violations of its anti-payola rules, spurred on by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's investigation that led to major settlements with record labels.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Whittemore out at WRKO...!

Did he even have time to put his name on the door before he was asked to take it down? Touching that dial

WEEI maestro Jason Wolfe, under whose watch 850 AM shot to No. 1, will take over struggling talk signal WRKO beginning this week.
Wolfe will be promoted to vice president of operations for WRKO and WEEI while current ’RKO operations director Brian Whittemore steps down.
Word is, Whittemore, a former Boston radio guy who came to ’RKO in September, wants to return to Minneapolis.
Since coming to the talk station, Whittemore has overseen a number of changes, most dramatically the departure of longtime morning man Peter Blute. He’s also added a nighttime lifestyle show, beefed up business coverage and added weekend programming.
But apparently it wasn’t enough to cure the signal’s perennial ratings doldrums. By moving Wolfe to ’RKO, the Entercom bosses are obviously hoping that some of the sports station’s magic can rub off on its sister signal. WEEI boasts of being the No. 1 rated sports radio talk station in the country and has posted No. 1 numbers in the most coveted demos. Which is nothing to Whine about. "

What do you think it was that did him in?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Roger Allan back on the air....

Roger Allen has a lot of friends in the Boston area. He retired after yeras at WRKO RKO General. Many who passed thru the WRKO, WROR and WNAC studio's remember Roger's caridality.

I don't know if he retired up to the Lake Sunapee region, but he is back behind the mike three evenings a week at WNTK, and says he's getting a kick out of it.

Roger does an interview show called "Twin State Journal" that focuses on New Hampshire and Vermont.

You can listen online


WILD weekday mornings for Myers - The Boston Globe

WILD weekday mornings for Myers

Longtime Boston sports commentator Jimmy Myers returns to the air Monday on AM radio station WILD (1090) with a permanent slot hosting the weekday morning show. (Well, as permanent as anything is in radio.) Myers, whose outspoken ways made him a name on WEEI, has recently been guest hosting on NECN's ''Sports LateNight." Myers's show won't be focused solely on sports, however. WILD recently went to an all-talk format with most of the shifts being filled with national shows. The station promised the morning hours would be locally produced and has used local literati and politicos, including state Senator Dianne Wilkerson, since switching formats.


WRKO gets local...

WRKO gets back to local roots - The Boston Globe


TV news anchor recovering from stroke suffered on the job -

TV news anchor recovering from stroke suffered on the job.

Seemed much too young for this..

The latest is that he is doing fine...and has been making return appearances on the air.


Pirate Operator fined in Mattapan...

Apparently, after repeated violations, and repeated visits and citations, a Mattapan man is poorer to the tune of $10,000.

Haitian radio activist fined by FCC

Check out Radio Nouveauté's web site. I am amazed by the boldness of Pirate operators. Not only do they break the law, they advertises it on the web!

You can also check out the FCC document


Richard Hatch guilty of failing to pay taxes

Former Survivor show host and oft naked guy, Richard Hatch has been found guilty of failure to pay taxes.

You have to wonder what kind of guy thinks he could hide $1 Million from the IRS, that he won on national TV.

And, once he was caught....why didn't he just pay it?
(Unless of course there isn't anything left.) | Richard Hatch guilty of failing to pay taxes

Interesting note in the article:

"He also was convicted of evading taxes on $327,000 he earned as co-host of a Boston radio show..."

Not Quite "Matty money"....but a better salary than a lot of Morning hosts.


Paul Marshall to leave the Boston market?

The Globe featured this article about Michael Reagan, afternoon host on WTKK.

New talk-host Graham is in driver's seat at WTKK-FM - The Boston Globe

The article also contained this about former WAAF-er Paul Marshall:

Also back behind the mike: recently terminated WAAF-FM (107.3) afternoon jock Paul Marshall was hired by WBCN-FM (104.1).

Paul says he might have to leave the market to find something full time.

Hecan be contacted at


Article on WBZ's Peter Casey....

While the article appears to have aged off the web site, you can still get most of the cached Google pahe here:

He’s a ’BZ guy: Mighty Casey hits ratings homer at the beloved station


Keith Olberman now a regular on ESPN Radio....

Keith Olbermann has a habit of returning to the scene of a crime! ;-)

Keith returned to MSNBC after an abrupt departure concerning Lewinsky coverage.....and is now appearing on ESPN radio, after having quit ESPN previously.

Might provide for some interesting listening.

Check out the article at:

Despite scorched bridges, Olbermann rejoins ESPN

ESPN Radio can be heard in Boston on 890AM WAMG
(And in Lowell/Lawrence on 1400AM WLLH.)


New formats for the Boston audience?

How are the Boston area stations preparing to fight the onslaught of satellite radio?

.......................With "HD-Radio"

"HD" stands for "High Definition", and it has three main selling points.

1.) You will be able to receive digital (CD-like) quality music/programming from your current favorite radio station.

2.) Stations will have the ability to program additional "side channels"...i.e...HD-2, HD-3, etc.

As an example, Magic 106.7 FM will bring you CD quality Soft-Rock....AND with a flip of a can receive the Magic JAZZ channel on HD-2.

You want the music of the old "Star 93-7"? It's on Mike-FM's HD-2 channel.

Boston's Kiss 108 will be offering "New! CHR" on their HD-2 channel.
(Not quite sure what "New" CHR is...Doesn't the "C" in CHR already mean contemporary?)

3.) There is no subscription fee.
(But you do have to buy a capable radio to use these features...and they are still pretty pricey.)

To me, the biggest feature is the additional formats that will be brought into existence, competing with XM's claim of having hundreds of channels to choose from.

The Globe's Clea Simon writes about what it might mean to listeners in Boston:
Boston Globe:
Digital programming options breathe new life into older formats

You can find out more about the technology, etc......Here.

You can sample Kiss 108's HD-2 offering of "New! CHR", and some of the other Clear Channel


Carson Daly's 'Most Requested' show canceled

Carson Daly, whos eemed to be the 'flavor of the month' for awhile, will cease his nightly "Most Requested" show, which aired locally on WXKS-FM

Daly's 'Most Requested' show canceled

Carson Daly's weekly syndicated radio show 'Most Requested' will air its final broadcast March 31. The countdown show had about 100 affiliates. Premiere Radio Networks, syndicators of the one-hour show, plan to relaunch a new show hosted by Daly that will concentrate on exposing radio listeners to emerging and new artists as he does in his TV show, NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly. Artists such as Maroon 5, The Killers and Joss Stone made their late night debuts on Daly's NBC TV show.

A new show? Emerging New Artists?

I would think the "most requested" show was easier for WW1 to clear than one with new and emerging artists

BTW....the largest radio syndicator Westwood One, has revamped their web site to feature some easy-access to infor about WW1 shows, and some audio, etc.

The revamp will soon feature podcasts of celebrity interviews and CBS Radio news updates and specials. (Look for a subscription fee that will give some exclusive content.)


Boston Herald: New Hire !

I am not sure if she is actually a new hire (or just reassigned), but the Herald has announced that Jessica Heslam will cover local television, talk radio and the blogosphere in a new media beat;

Interesting note, I don't know why she is specifically covering "TALK radio"....

Second, the note that she will be covering "new" media should be interesting!

I wonder how often she will be contributing a story to the paper? Once a week? Once a month?

Now the credibility comparision between Jessica and the Globe's Clea Simon will begin!


Riding High at Country 99.5....

(Sorry, I just had to use a bad pun to headline this post.)

WKLB had a great Fall Arbitron. And the Patriot Ledger gives them a great article.

GONE COUNTRY: Local DJs give South Shore flavor to Boston country station

Thursday, February 09, 2006


WJDA-WESX dissappearing? ...WATD hope to picks up the slack...!

Leaving a void in local radio on the North and South Shore.....WATD hopes to fill in the gap... - Weymouth News: WATD to broaden its listening base

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Set the VCR, errr....Tivo...

ABC-TV's Primetime program will be airing a program on "Payola" this Thursday.


Spitzer Payola Probe Moves To Radio Groups

The behavior has been unethical, improper, illegal and a sanction of some severity clearly should be imposed.
NEW YORK STATE Attorney General ELLIOT SPITZER says that his office's two-year long payola investigation is turning to the nation's nine largest radio conglomerates.

SPITZER speaking with reporter BRIAN ROSS from the ABC-TV news program PRIMETIME, said that evidence he has gathered clearly shows some of the radio conglomerates have accepted payments from record companies and middlemen for guaranteed airplay for certain songs. "The behavior has been unethical, improper, illegal and a sanction of some severity clearly should be imposed," said SPITZER.

SPITZER told ROSS that record company documents obtained in the investigation of SONY MUSIC and WARNER BROTHERS -- both who have settled with the attorney general -- revealed payments for songs that became major hits, including JENNIFER LOPEZ's "I'm Real" and JOHN MAYER's "Daughters." Other artists named in the documents include JESSICA SIMPSON, CELINE DION, MAROON 5, GOOD CHARLOTTE, FRANZ FERDINAND, SWITCHFOOT, MICHELLE BRANCH and R.E.M.

SPITZER claims that the new alleged payola differed from previous payola scandals in that much of the money went directly to the companies as opposed to DJs. "We have people in suits coming in with documents rather than cash payments under the table to a DJ," said SPITZER.

The nine companies that have received subpoenas are CLEAR CHANNEL, CBS RADIO, ENTERCOM, EMMIS, CITADEL, CUMULUS, COX, PAMAL and ABC. In statements to ABC NEWS, five of the companies have said that they are cooperating wiht the investigation and take the matter seriously, while the other four have not yet responded to requests for comment. A number of smaller, independent broadcasters are also under investigation.

The FCC also has it's own payola investigation under way, but SPITZER questioned the forcefulness of that investigation, telling ABC NEWS, "I would like to see the FCC more directly involved in addressing what is very clearly a payola scandal that has run rife through the industry."

The PRIMETIME program covering this subject is slated to air this THURSDAY evening (2/9) on ABC-TV.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Severin responsible for decline in cabbies income...? ;-)

Here's a non-radio post about a mom who gave a cabbie a lousy tip because he subjected her to 20 minutes of Jay Severin on WTKK. ;-)

Tipping Point

Monday, February 06, 2006


ABC Radio sold to Citadel....

While we don't have any ABC or Citadel owned stations in Boston, this is a big bit of news.

The board of directors at Citadel and the Walt Disney Company have approved a deal to combine ABC Radio's 22 owned-and-operated radio stations and the ABC Radio Networks for $2.7 billion.

Radio Disney and ESPN Radio O&Os are not included in the transaction.

New England listeners may be familiar with Citadel's Stations in Portland, Portmouth,, Worcester, Springfield, New Bedford & Providence.

Look for the smaller market Citadel stations to now have the support of ABC Radio behind them.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Beau Raines Named PD At KQMT/Denver

Beau Raines Named PD At KQMT/Denver

Former CBS RADIO Classic Rocker WZLX/BOSTON PD BEAU RAINES has been tapped to fill the vacant PD slot at ENTERCOM Classic Rocker KQMT (99.5 THE MOUNTAIN)/DENVER. As reported yesterday (see NET NEWS 2/1), previous MOUNTAIN PD DAN MICHAELS has resigned.

Said RAINES, "It is going to be a priveldge to program one of AMERICA's greatest and most unique radio stations. I am thrilled to have this tremendous opportunity to work with such a phenomenal and talented group of broadcasters."

Beau Raines Takes Mountain/Denver PD Post

A day after Dan Michaels resigned the post, former WZLX/Boston PD Raines takes the PD reins at Entercom Classic Rocker KQMT (99.5 The Mountain)/Denver.


Suburban Boston AM's sold....




AFTRA Challenges at WRKO....

AFTRA Trails In WRKO/Boston Decertification Vote

From AllAccess:

ALL ACCESS hears that another AFTRA decertification may be coming soon, as the vote at ENTERCOM's Talk WRKO-A/BOSTON ends with 22 votes to decertify the union and 22 against but two remaining "challenged ballots." AFTRA remains the bargaining unit for the employees until the process is concluded. the Globe....

Anyone recall when Pebbles worked at WILD?

She has come a long way since then.

Some may not have caught this feature in the Boston Globe.

Morning glory
Pebbles's sunny personality has brightened Jam'n 94.5

''Pebbles is, like, actually one of the nicest persons on the planet," says Torres, who was an intern at WJMN (94.5) when he first met Pebbles. He weaves between honesty and jokes as he crafts his answer. ''I always say that I like to learn from people every day, and Pebbles, I continue to learn from her every day: how she treats people -- and she treats people good."

What Torres doesn't mention is Pebbles's facility with moving from the predominantly African-American audience at WILD-AM, the station where she says she got her start almost 17 years ago, to the multicultural audience Jam'n 94.5 attracts. What he doesn't mention is her ability to retain her job as cohost even as the morning show underwent a drastic change.

When the contract of her original WJMN partner, Baltazar, wasn't renewed in 2001 -- he resurfaced at WKTU's morning show in New York the next year -- Pebbles remained, which is often not the case when radio stations change the dynamics of a show. Management decided to pair Pebbles with Torres. Although the program initially faltered, temporarily dipping from second to fourth place among 18-to-34-year-old listeners after Baltazar's departure, it has since rebounded; Jam'n 94.5 is now the No. 2 morning show in that group. And many credit Pebbles as one of the reasons for that achievement.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


WAVM on NPR.....


NPR's 'All Things Considered' reported on the license fight for WAVM, the Maynard High School station.

You can listen to the segment here:
High School Radio Station Fights FCC Ruling

Scott Fybush, from Northeast Radio Watch, makes an appearance on the segment, with a few comments about the situation in Maynard.

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