Monday, January 02, 2006


Bye, bye, Beau.....



WZLX has decided not to renew the contract of PD Beau Raines.

someone new will be moving into the PD's office soon!

Who will it be....?

Dance over for radio chief at 'Classic Rock' WZLX-FM

Beau Raines, program director at WZLX (100.7 FM) is stepping down at the end of the month after four years at the Helm of the 'classic rock' radio station.

Raines, whose two-year contract ended Dec. 31, said that the split was amicable and that he'll be exploring all his options in the future, whether it's in broadcast or satellite radio.

"It's been a good four years", said Raines, formerly and executive at Boston's WROR. "We're just going to go our separate ways.".

He said he and Mark Hannon, general manager of WZLX, as well as at sister CBS Radio station WBCN (104.1 FM), decided on the change in October. Hannon could not be reached for comment.

WZLX has slipped a bit in recent ratings, Raines said, partly due to morning show stumbles. No replacement has been named yet for Raines.

having worked for Beau at WROR, i guess i find it hard to understand why CBS/Infinity didn't stick by him through a rough period, giving him the same consideration (vis a vis station performance/ratings) they've given others of much greater longevity.
their loss - someone's gain. Beau is, without a single doubt, the MOST easy-to-work for PD with whom i've ever worked. his way of handling day-to-day programming & employee issues is a style that is sadly lacking in our industry - you're getting a check which makes you a pro, so please act like one. when the pd asks or directs you to do something, execute it to the best of your ability and we're all in good shape.
rock on, Beau. and give Maine another look - there's plenty of room for Kenny Bunker on the radio, again.
Who was Kenny Bunker?

Was that Beau's on-air name somewhere?
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