Tuesday, January 31, 2006


YIKES! ....Ch 4 has Spiders!

There's a giant spider climbing up Ch 4's Pauline Chiou's shoulder!

Someone tell the I-Team to call an exterminator!

(Thanks to Chris and Adamg for this picture!)


Four More Years!....of Lobel!

Bob Lobel, WBZ's perennial sports anchor, who had been working without a contract, has re-upped with the CBS station.

Lobel, CBS4 Reach 5-year Deal

'Julio Marenghi, the station’s president and general manager, confirmed that a verbal agreement has been reached with Lobel and his agent, though it’s yet to be signed. “All parties have come to an agreement on a five-year deal, which has four years left in it,” Marenghi said.'

Also, in case you hadn't heard, it was reported at the end of last year that Bob Lobel had reached a settlement in his lawsuit against a cartoonist.

'The libel suit of Channel 4 sports anchor Bob Lobel against the creator, syndicator, and users of the ''Get Fuzzy" cartoon quietly ended in Norfolk Superior Court last Tuesday when a stipulation of dismissal was filed by Lobel's attorney, Harry Manion. A joint statement said, ''The parties have settled the matter to their mutual satisfaction. The defendants did not intend to suggest that Bob Lobel has ever been intoxicated while on the air, and apologize to him for any harm caused him by the publication of the 'Get Fuzzy' cartoon. The terms of the settlement are confidential." The amazing thing is that it took lawyers for the various parties more than six months to figure out how to say, ''I'm sorry."'

The New Bedford Standard Times, also issued an apology.

Our Apology to Sportscaster Bob Lobel

If you would like to see the cartoon, as it was originally printed, this Sports Law Blob has it posted.

Monday, January 30, 2006


WHRB, the forgotten station?

WHRB has beena round since the 1940's, and is quite often forgotten in thee Boston Radio Landscape. I notice that I can pick it up almost everywhere. Not a bad signal for a school station.

A couple of times per year they do some specialty programming with hours and hours devoted to s a specific artist, composer, record label, etc.

The Globe's Clea Simon wrote an article about what have become affectionately know as WHRB"s "Radio Orgies".

At WHRB, musical marathons require a singular devotion.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Eddie's back...?

Word is that Eddie Andelman will be returning the 'Sports Huddle' to the air in Boston. So the Hot Dog Safaris will continue for the near future!

Look for him on WTKK 96.9 FM Talk.

Andelman will be on FM dial

"...Andelman, Boston’s most celebrated radio sports talk host before WWZN dropped its local personalities late last year, will resurface in April on a big-signal FM station to be announced and resurrect his popular “Sports Huddle” show on Sunday nights with three generations of personalities.

The “Sports Huddle,” featuring wild and crazy comments and calls plus pranks, was a widely followed show from 1969-92 on four Boston stations – first WVNR, then WBZ, the old WEEI (when at 590 on the AM dial) and WHDH – with Andelman joined by Mark Witkin and Jim McCarthy.

Andelman’s new version, likely on WTKK-FM (96.9), will have a similar format – which the nationally known talkmaster describes as “sports and fun.” He and listeners used to have a ball with the original show. Andelman’s new on-air partners will be announced soon."

Friday, January 27, 2006



We have some new readers here at the Boston Radio Blog!

And a special welcome to those who arrived here from a link at the Universal Hub blog! (Thanks for the link! We welcome anyone who wants to link to our Blog!)

And welcome to anyone else who might be checking us out for the first time!

Please be sure to "Bookmark Us"...and check in from time to time!

And be sure to spread the word and tell a few friends about the Boston Radio Blog!


Thursday, January 26, 2006


WTTK picks up 2.......

Check out their newly redesigned website at www.Talk1150.com

WTTT has had some trouble getting traction since it arrived here in Boston.

Hopefully with the addition of some more compelling programming, people will seek it out.

Some outside marketing might help to let people know the station exists.

....and that nighttime signal?

Best Guess is that WTKK (FM Talk 96.9) will expand Laura Ingraham's show.


Howie's Bulger book....

The Herald's (and WRKO's) Howie Carr has a book coming out about the Bulger Brothers.

The Brothers Bulger : How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century

"For the first time, journalist Howie Carr reveals the -real+ story behind the infamous Bulgers-twobrothers from South Boston who grew up to control a state. With political corruption on one side and deadly force on the other, the Bulgers shared a diabolic and destructive alliance for decades."

They are now taking advance orders!

Get yours today!

(Don't neglect to check out Whitey Watch to see what new goodies Howie has dug up on the mob and Whitey Bulger.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


WRKO in rehab....?

While more local programming is always good....I don't know where WRKO is going with the addition of "Recovery Road". Maybe it's me....but I can't see programs like this bringing in the cumers.....

I wonder what it will be like if they get confused callers looking for Bob Brinker....and Bob Brinker gets confused calls looking for 'Recovery Road'!

In any event, here's the press release:

WRKO Unveils ‘Recovery Road’

Groundbreaking Substance-Abuse Show
Peter Simon, Woody Giessmann Host Sunday Afternoon Program

WRKO AM 680, Boston’s talk station creates the country’s first East Coast major-market show based on substance abuse and recovery when “Recovery Road” debuts on Sunday, January 22.

The show will air every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., and will feature the poignant experiences of recovering alcoholic Peter Simon, the clinical knowledge of licensed abuse counselor Woody Giessmann, and input from callers.

“Recovery Road” will highlight a wide range of topics, including drug and alcohol use and other addictions like cigarette smoking, and food and eating disorders. The show will feature experts in abuse and recovery, and also high-profile guests who have experienced abuse. The first show is expected to feature Judy Belushi Pisano, whose husband John Belushi died of a drug overdose.

Simon lives on Martha’s Vineyard, and is a well-known professional photographer. He has extensive radio experience, hosting music shows on the Vineyard and in the Boston area and Rhode Island. Peter Simon sought treatment for alcoholism in 2004 and continues his recovery.

“This show is going to be entertaining, helpful informative and funny. A lot of it will be sad, a lot will be urgent, but it won’t be dull. There’s just so much joy in knowing there so much life on the other side,” Simon said. “My sister Carly, who is very helpful in my recovery process, wrote the most amazing song on the subject I have ever heard, ‘Waiting at the Gate.’”

Giessmann was the drummer for the rock band Del Fuegos and other national acts. In 1993, he started Right Turn, an outpatient substance-abuse program for artists in New England. A licensed addictions specialist, Giessmann has a master’s degree in human services management and is a member of the Advisory Board of the state Bureau of Substance Abuse.

“This show is going to provide a wonderful service to the community, and supply a plethora of information on addictions and living,” Giessmann said. “I toured around the country for 15 years, and I saw a lot of amazing talent wasted because people did not know treatment was available.”

“Recovery Road” joins WRKO’s growing stable of unique programming aimed at Greater Boston, including “Boston This Morning,” which features a creative mix of news and analysis, and “Taste of Boston Tonight,” one of the first lifestyle talk shows in the country.

“WRKO is always looking for informative, entertaining and creative new programming, and ‘Recovery Road’ will fill all of those criteria,” said WRKO Operations Director Brian Whittemore. “This is a unique show that is breaking new ground in talk radio, but importantly is creating a new outlet for positive, important discussion on substance abuse.”

Monday, January 23, 2006


Oldies listeners and older demo's ;-)

Oldies fans in NYC and elsewhere are still in reeling over the loss of their oldies station. If you would like to check out how WCBS-FM has been doing since their surprise format change, click here.

Here is an interesting article about how format changes can sometimes push listeners towards satellite radio.

Radio dials away from "oldies"’ listeners
Only option for golden oldies fans? Satellite radio

"Over the last couple of years, you've seen stations wandering away from the ’50s and ’60s oldies format at the rate of one or two a month," says Sean Ross, vice president of music and programming at Edison Media Research.

Here in Boston, the recent Fall rating performance of WODS (which included a portion of their "All-Christmas" format.), would show that Oldies fans have nothing to fear.

For now. ;-)

Saturday, January 21, 2006


WBIX....back to Langer?

And you thought he had been running it?

Well, the answer is yes, Alex Langer had been running it for the court-appointed receiver overseeing the assets of Brad Bleidt.

But now, he want to actually reclaim ownership.

Alex says he want to retain the Business format, however, I can't help but think it's existence as a Business station will be tainted by it's past ownership. (While it will be a new ownership, and apparently none of the scandal actually affected it's programming...I can't help but think that with all the bad publicity Brad Bleidt generated, that somehow , in the publics mind, he will be forever entangled with the efforts of WBIX.

Personally, I would love to see 1060AM flip to a MOR/Standards format. i.e...Sinatra, Tony Bennet, etc...especially with WXKS-AM gone.

Oh Well, maybe when I have a few million to spare. ;-)

Here is the story from the Boston Business Journal:

Radio Station WBIX to Revert to Langer, Retain Business Format.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Inside Track on Paul, Todd......

The ladies at the Herald's "Inside Track" had the this on Paul Harvey:

(Let me emphasize, these are not my words, but the words of the Boston Herald's Columnist.)

"WBZ-AM did not renew Paul Harvey's contract. Bless their hearts. Apparently, the ol' coot's dispatches were rather expensive and his son, Paul Jr., was filing more of the daily reports than Dad. And now you know the rest of the story."

Look for Paul Harvey's morning and midday report to start airing soon on WTTT 1150AM.

They also had something to say about former Channel 7 meteorologist Todd Gross:

"Are things so bad for ex-channel 7 weatherman Todd Gross that he has to forecast for spare change?

Apparently so. Because in these stormy times for Todd his web site ToddGross.com has instituted a "Tip Jar" where fans can brighten his day--financially.

"Please donate via the 'tip jar' to keep this alive and totally free!" says the Gross site. "I am dying to make this the best weather spot on Earth, but need YOUR help!"

And the Todd-ophiles who choose to duke the arrowloving weatherdude can click on the Tip Jar link where they are informed: "You have chosen to tip the author of 'Todd Gross New England Weather.' The minimum tip is $2".

Well! That would barely cover Todd's hairspray bill back in the day. But the ex-TV weather titan says it will prevent him for charging access to the site.

"Tip jars are like shareware," Todd told the Track. "(It) helps to pay for the tremendous effort going into putting this endeavor together...And helps me to judge the success of what is coming, as the Web page becomes even more in depth and regionwide. But most importantly, it prevents me from charging any sort of subscription fee."

Of course, we could point out one could click on Gross' successor, Pete Bouchard, and get the weather absolutely free on www.whdh.com/weather. But we'd hate to rain on Todd's parade.

Anyway, the ex-chief meteorologist has apparently decided to put all his efforts into his Web site since being shown the door by station suits last month. Todd was blown out of his weather gig after 21 years on the job and just minutes after getting off the air.

"I am concentrating most of my energy on making this the best weather Web presence on Earth, but do plan to be on the air at some point down the road," Gross said.

In the meantime, Todd fans, give early and give often..."

(Again, these are quotes from the Herald, not from me.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


HS Station back on air after Adviser's Arrest

WAVM students: Stay tuned

Along another line, WAVM has for several months been battling the FCC to ward off the addition of a noncommercial religious FM on it's frequency by living Proof Inc., a situation triggered by an application by WAVM for a power increase that opened the frequency for other bids.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Frank Fixaris, Maine Sportscaster....

Bostonians who may have lived, worked or visited Maine, may be familiar with Sportscaster Frank Fixaris.

He passed away in a fire at his home in Falmouth, Maine.

Sportscaster Frank Fixaris Killed In Fire


Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Matty's Anniversary....

Matt Siegal Has been on Boston's morning radio dial for 25 years.

To celebrate, Matty visited 25 towns (for 25 years...Get it?)

You can check out the schedule and some of the pictures, here.

To read the full article on Matty in the Improper Magazine, click here.

Does anyone remember when Matty was at WBCN? This was during the 'anti-Disco' stance that many rock stations were promoting. Then he went to where? Kiss 108 FM Disco!

BTW....Anyone remember Matty when he was doing the all night show on Channel 5? I believe that's where the use of "Matty in the Morning" began. He even had a theme song at channel 5, that he would occasionally use on the radio afterwards.

Happy Anniversary Matty!

Longevity in radio is an accomplishment we all can admire.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Chucky Lucky Ducky.....to WBOS.


He woke up a couple of generations of Bostonians for 28 years. Now living in retirement in Hawaii. Legendary Boston morning personality Charles Laquidara returns to the Boston airwaves via WBOS. He'll be on at 9AM, right after the "no disc-jockey morning show".

Not quite live, not quite local....and not really doing a jock shift. (He'll be recording these segments from Hawaii in advance.)

He will be on the air weekdays on WBOS "playing his favorite album cuts" from a chosen year. (He will not be chosing the year....and might not even be chosing the cuts.)

This is an obvious publicity push for WBOS which has languished in the ratings below anyone's attention level.

While it would be nice to hear Charles back in Boston, I have the feeling this will not be the real Charles.

Here's some print coverage:

The Boston Globe

The Boston Herald

You can also check out Charles own web page and blog at: BigMattress.com

Monday, January 09, 2006


Whatever happenned to 'Free'...? ;-)


With the Holidays and all, you may have missed this interesting article by the Globe's Alex Beam...

Tune in, log on, and pay up!

"The best things in life -- TV, radio, newspapers -- used to be free, or pretty darned close to free. And now they're not. So the media question for 2006 is: What are you going to pay for, and why?

When I grew up, before the dawn of time, a good newspaper cost a nickel or a dime and what came over the airwaves to your television or radio cost nothing. Now the infotainment giants want to hook their vacuum cleaner up to your wallet and suck you dry. What are you going to do about it?"

Friday, January 06, 2006


Remember Paul Perry?


Some may recall Paul Perry who worked mornings on Oldies 103.3.....and did a stint at WBZ when they were full-service. He also did mornings at WWBB in Providence.

It looks like Paul's merry-go-round career continues....

From AllAccess:

Paul Perry Departs WJMK

CBS Variety Hits WJMK (JACK-FM)/CHICAGO morning man PAUL PERRY's deal is up and he's in pursuit of his next great adventure. Hit him at paulperry345@comcast.net.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Young Producer's Death Brings Grief...

Accidents and deaths close to the Holidays are always heartbreaking.

I'm not sure who has crossed paths with Brian, but at age 23, it's much too young.

Our prayers are with Brian and his family.

Campbell Called Hardworking

"He was hardworking, friendly and willing to go beyond what was expected of him, friends and former co-workers said yesterday, two days after the 23-year-old Framingham resident was killed in a car crash on Salem End Road."

"(WEEI weekend host Larry) Johnson, who talks openly about his Christian faith, said he and Campbell grew closer when the young producer found God."

OBIT: Brian F. Campbell

"He worked at the family owned TJ’s Marketplace for the past two years. He had also worked as a part-time producer at Boston radio stations WEEI and WRKO. Mr. Campbell enjoyed playing poker in his spare time."


Stern's Replacement Ready to Hit the Air....!

He started today!

Tuesday - 1/3/06!

Anyone listen?

David Lee Roth jumps right in: Van Halen icon hopes to rock Stern’s old slot

Some of us in Boston have heard him before....

"Roth had two weeks of on-air practice last year, including a stint on sister station WZLX-FM (100.7). But Roth said he didn’t learn anything about radio that he didn’t already know."

Confidence or arrogance...? ;-)

The Globe's article is here:

Roth to the rescue
From Van Halen to New York EMT to . . . Howard Stern's mike? Today, he jumps right in.


Bye, bye, Beau.....



WZLX has decided not to renew the contract of PD Beau Raines.

someone new will be moving into the PD's office soon!

Who will it be....?

Dance over for radio chief at 'Classic Rock' WZLX-FM

Beau Raines, program director at WZLX (100.7 FM) is stepping down at the end of the month after four years at the Helm of the 'classic rock' radio station.

Raines, whose two-year contract ended Dec. 31, said that the split was amicable and that he'll be exploring all his options in the future, whether it's in broadcast or satellite radio.

"It's been a good four years", said Raines, formerly and executive at Boston's WROR. "We're just going to go our separate ways.".

He said he and Mark Hannon, general manager of WZLX, as well as at sister CBS Radio station WBCN (104.1 FM), decided on the change in October. Hannon could not be reached for comment.

WZLX has slipped a bit in recent ratings, Raines said, partly due to morning show stumbles. No replacement has been named yet for Raines.

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