Wednesday, December 07, 2005


RKO goes Local for Evenings....sorta

Todd Feinburg Gets "Taste" Of Evenings At WRKO/Boston

ENTERCOM Talk WRKO-A/BOSTON makes the long-rumored move to bump TALK RADIO NETWORK's MICHAEL SAVAGE to 10p in favor of a new local show, "TASTE OF BOSTON TONIGHT," launching MONDAY (12/12) 7-10PM.

WRKO weekender and syndicated host TODD FEINBURG is hosting the new show, which will focus on entertainment and leisure activities in the area.

Now, I thought maybe it was because they saw the absence of Brudnoy to be an opportunity to get into local issues.

But Entertainment and leisure activities? For that they need to be local?

I'm guessing they wanted the commercial inventory back from the Savage Show....making way for more local spot sales. $$$

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