Monday, December 19, 2005


Jay Severin Returns To Boston Radio

From the Herald's Inside Track:

Don’t touch that dial

Prodigal FM yakker Jay Severin will return to 96.9 FM beginning Jan. 3, and will broadcast his new, nationally syndicated show in the 7 to 10 p.m. slot. Severin, the former afternoon drive host, was yanked off the air several months ago after he signed a national syndication deal with Infinity Broadcasting. But yesterday, Severin’s agent, George Tobia, told the Track he had reached an agreement for Severin to broadcast his show on WTKK for at least a year. “We’re really excited to be back,” he said. When Severin returns to the station, he’ll bump Laura Ingraham to 10 p.m. Michael Graham will continue to do afternoon drive. Severin’s show will be broadcast in four other markets across the country when he signs back on the air next month.

Also, from Radio & records":

Jay Severin Returns To Boston Radio

And....from the Globe:

WTKK finds a home for Severin again

And now the milk carton gets updated!

(sorry--had to edit due to a typo!)
yup, I did the orig. milk carton and updated it! I also did the following song, to the tune of the theme from
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

Well he used to do his show from his basement in Long Island

He has been missing lately, so they gave us Michael Graham

Best and brightest wanna know, are they ever gonna find him?

Tell me--where in the world is...
Jimmy Severino?

Bob "Raccoonradio" Nelson
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