Friday, December 23, 2005


And I thought he was such a nice boy....

I had the chance to see Howie Day in concert...and he seemed like a likable young guy.

Seems he spent at least a few hours in a Massachusetts jail within the last 24 hours.

Pop singer Howie Day charged with in-flight rowdiness, arrested in Boston.

OK, so once in a while everyone has a little too much to drink.

But the last paragraph indicate that aggressive behavior might be a regular thing with Howie.

In March 2004, Day was arrested in Madison, Wis., for allegedly locking a woman in the bathroom of a tour bus after she refused his sexual advances. He then broke the cell phone of another woman who tried to call police, according to the criminal complaint.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Jay Severin Returns To Boston Radio

From the Herald's Inside Track:

Don’t touch that dial

Prodigal FM yakker Jay Severin will return to 96.9 FM beginning Jan. 3, and will broadcast his new, nationally syndicated show in the 7 to 10 p.m. slot. Severin, the former afternoon drive host, was yanked off the air several months ago after he signed a national syndication deal with Infinity Broadcasting. But yesterday, Severin’s agent, George Tobia, told the Track he had reached an agreement for Severin to broadcast his show on WTKK for at least a year. “We’re really excited to be back,” he said. When Severin returns to the station, he’ll bump Laura Ingraham to 10 p.m. Michael Graham will continue to do afternoon drive. Severin’s show will be broadcast in four other markets across the country when he signs back on the air next month.

Also, from Radio & records":

Jay Severin Returns To Boston Radio

And....from the Globe:

WTKK finds a home for Severin again

And now the milk carton gets updated!

Friday, December 16, 2005


He's gone....Happy now? ;-)

The Herald had this article about what some local comptitors of Stern might be feeling and thinking....

I'm sure a few of them are wondering if their 'ranking' in the morning will change (say, from 6th to 5th place...) with Howard now out of the way.

If so, that means their bonus' payments might kick in.... ;-)

Radio rivals happy to see Stern sign off

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Greater Media takes the prize....

From Radio and Records:

Greater Media On Track To Buy WCRB/Boston

Greater Media and Charles River Broadcasting have entered into exclusive negotiations in regard to the sale of Classical WCRB. Charles River previously announced that it wishes to sell its properties, and the two parties hope to have a deal to transfer WCRB to Greater Media by Feb. 1, 2006. Closing would occur sometime in Q1 2006.

"This acquisition would give Greater Media's Boston cluster a significant signal upgrade, which will be critical as we expand our investment in HD and multicasting," said Greater Media President/CEO Peter Smyth. "We are grateful for this opportunity."

Charles River Chairman Mary Marshall added, "CRB is delighted at the prospect of entering into an agreement with Greater Media, a Boston-based company. We are confident that their respect for listeners, strong Boston ties and excellent management team would ensure a smooth and successful transition."

WCRB is tied for the No. 10 spot, 12+, in the just-released fall 2005 Phase Two Arbitrends for Boston. While it is not known if Greater Media would retain the station's Classical format or relocate it to another one of its FM properties, Charles River has stated that the Classical format would be required to be placed on one of WCRB's HD multicast channels. WCRB has aired Classical programming since 1950.

Here's more from the Press release:


Background from the Globe:

Classical station WCRB to be sold
Deal may fetch $90m; new format possible

And...background from the Herald:

Sale signals classical music’s swan song

Had enough....? ;-)

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Happy 90th Frank...!

I'm a little late, but if you see this post in time, maybe you can check out Ron Della Chiesa's tribute to Frank Sinatra on Saturday Night, 7PM to Midnight.

Ol' Blue Eyes would've been 90 on Monday.

Sinatra fans receive gift for singer’s 90th

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Providence's Degraide signs off...

I know there are a lot of people in Boston who have worked in Providence and a lot of folks have worked with Gary over his many years in radio.
(A few may have even worked with his Dad, Gene Degraide.)

You might enjoy this insightful article in the Providence Journal.

Gary DeGraide will sign off radio Dec. 23
(Free registration is required, but for those who don't want to bother, I have clipped some of the article below.)

Broadcaster Gary DeGraide will be leaving his morning show on WWLI-FM (Lite Rock 105) after 22 years behind the microphone. His last show will be Dec. 23.

Tony Bristol, operations manager for Lite Rock 105, said the station's management was shocked when DeGraide told them of his decision. He said the station has not yet determined who will replace DeGraide, who had co-hosted the show with Heather Gersten.

In a phone interview yesterday, the 57-year-old DeGraide said he was tired of getting up at 3 a.m. every day in order to be at the station in time for his 5:30 to 10 a.m. show.

More important, though, DeGraide said he felt called to do something that better reflected his strong Christian faith.

DeGraide said he will probably do some work as a counselor in the substance-abuse field. He said he's been in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse himself for the past 17 years, and has spoken to Christian men's groups around the state on the subject.

Radio is in DeGraide's blood. His father, Gene DeGraide, is a well-known Rhode Island broadcaster, and Gary DeGraide can remember sitting on his dad's lap and reading the weather. (Gary said his dad, 83, is doing fine.)

"The DeGraide name has been on the air in Rhode Island for 60 years," said Bristol. "It's been associated with good clean fun. Gary's show was a family show, and that's what you could expect to hear."

DeGraide said he got his first radio job in sales at WARV in Warwick, then moved to WICE, where under the name Gary Steele he competed with his own father.

His career took him to stations in Hartford (WDRC) and Boston (WRKO) before he took a break from radio to tour with a band called Family Tree, which mostly consisted of members of his wife's family, the LaChances.

In 1976 DeGraide was back on the air, hosting an afternoon drive show on WPRO-AM, then in late 1983 he moved to WPJB-FM, which became WWLI.

DeGraide said he's comfortable with his decision to go off the air -- but that doesn't mean there won't be elements he will miss.

"There are so many stories of listeners who call . . . it's amazing how many friends you make. People get used to having you in their lives," he said.


RKO goes Local for Evenings....sorta

Todd Feinburg Gets "Taste" Of Evenings At WRKO/Boston

ENTERCOM Talk WRKO-A/BOSTON makes the long-rumored move to bump TALK RADIO NETWORK's MICHAEL SAVAGE to 10p in favor of a new local show, "TASTE OF BOSTON TONIGHT," launching MONDAY (12/12) 7-10PM.

WRKO weekender and syndicated host TODD FEINBURG is hosting the new show, which will focus on entertainment and leisure activities in the area.

Now, I thought maybe it was because they saw the absence of Brudnoy to be an opportunity to get into local issues.

But Entertainment and leisure activities? For that they need to be local?

I'm guessing they wanted the commercial inventory back from the Savage Show....making way for more local spot sales. $$$

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Todd Gross...escorted from the building...

Meteorologist Todd Gross was let go from his position at Channel 7.

A surprise move to most, as Todd stepped into the lead role there after Harvey Leonard left for Channel 5.

Also a surprise as Channel 7 was using him in promotional spots, etc.

Interesting that they waited to cut Todd loose until after Channel 4 announced their replacement for Ed Carroll.

The Herald's Inside Track wrote (in their inimitable style) about it.

The Boston Globe's Suzanne C. Ryan had a story as well.

Todd's own version of the event is here.

Monday, December 05, 2005


The Month of Stern....

The Stern self-promotional whistlestop tour makes a stop to meet up with Ed Bradley at CBS' 60 Minutes program.

In case you missed it, (while it lasts), you can read/watch it online here.

He is going to be making a lot of appearances between now and New Years Day! ;-)

The next stop is supposed to be on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox News Wednesday & Thursday.

Are you tired of him yet....? ;-)

Thursday, December 01, 2005



Has anyone heard anything about the NLRB hearing on 11/21 concerning the AFTRA decertification effort at Entercom?

No one I talk to seems to know....(or care!).

Confidentiality will be respected.

(There is an email address on the left of the blog.)

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