Monday, November 21, 2005


One Chick Dishin'....!

Everyone remember Leslie Gold?

She was part of the "Two Chicks Dishin'" show on WRKO awhile back.

Here's the latest on what she's been doing....(From Radio & Records):

Leslie Gold Moves To Afternoons At WXRK/New York

The self-described "Radio Chick" will take over the PM drive slot when WXRK debuts its previously announced move to become "92.3 Free FM" on Jan. 3, 2006.

Gold moves to the Infinity outlet following a brief stint at Sirius. Her radio resume includes stops at WRKO/Boston and New York stations WNEW and WAXQ.

Gold will be joined at WXRK by her longtime collaborators, Butchy Brennan, the show's producer, and sidekick comedian Chuck Nice.

On that note, does anyone know where the other Dishin' Chick, Lori Kramer is these days?

(Or for that matter, Darlene McCarthy, who was partnered with Lori for the 'Chicks' show when Leslie left for NYC.)


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