Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Former WFCR/Amherst Reporter Charged In Forgery


While this is blog about Boston radio, I spotted this article and figured some readers might have some interest and contact in Amherst.

Former WFCR/Amherst Reporter Charged In Forgery

Former noncommercial WFCR/AMHERST, MA reporter and NPR freelancer PIPPIN ROSS has been charged with trying to use forged documents to violate her probation on drunk driving charges.

ROSS was convicted of her fourth DUI in FEBRUARY and sentenced to a year in jail and another 1 1/2 years suspended until 2009; the SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN reports that BERKSHIRE Superior Court indicted ROSS on OCTOBER 31 with being accessory before the fact in forgery, accessory before the fact in aiding an escape from a jail, conspiracy for forgery, conspiracy to aid an escape from jail and conspiracy in attempting an escape from jail. A co-defendant, ROBERT KELLY, has been hit with similar charges for helping ROSS. The allegations involve ROSS' alleged use of a forged mittimus that would have allowed her to get out of jail early.

Don't need to apologize for this "not being Boston" - Ms. Ross used to fill in as host on WBUR's Here & Now and Only a Game occasionally. Unfortunately, I don't think she'll be doing that anymore. This is such a shame, Pippen has a great voice...I hope somehow she manages to get things turned around.
I am going to close the comments on this post, because the material is getting a little too personal.

Let's all wish the best for Pippin.
I woud love to reach pippin.
Pippen is an extraordinary woman, who has been through a situation that was simply, unedurable
but she endured.
Does anyone know her status? What about the guy who was charged along with her? Did he go to prison too?
I'd hire her in a nanosecond. Who isn't an alcoholic at some point? Just about everyone I know is! The other stuff was reportedly psycho David Capeless having a whack attack over something that JAIL DID! Not Pippin! Rumor is she's been asked to be on Senator Jim Webb's committee on prison reform. Anyhow, let's not give the good woman anymore hurt and humiliation. I say, welcome back pippin! You're a great talent. I won't say who I am but you trained me to become a reporter for NPR!!!
I'm forever grateful to you.
Ummmm...Can we stop with the comments about Pippin? I'm sure she's a nice person.

Are you members of the "Mutual Admiration Society"?
I don't understand the posts. She forged documents - what part of white out and legal document did she not understand or do?
Apparently someone here wants to clean up her image....
Wow does anyone know where she is?
Again, apparently someone wants to clean up her image.

Either come out of the cloak of anonymity...or I will ask the moderator to delete your "rah-rah" comments.
I'm going to guess "Justice in Print" has an agenda....

Let's not talk about someones personal life....
Who isn't an alcoholic at some point? Just about everyone I know is!Your credibility just went out the window
Not everyone is an alcohlic, and people who are outsidders to the prison who hav no idea what its like should out it down so much you commit a crime you do your time, she could have killed someone is one of her drunken stupors, it could have been your child crossing the street...
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