Wednesday, November 09, 2005


AFTRA Decertification Petition Filed At Entercom/Boston



AFTRA Decertification Petition Filed At Entercom/Boston

ALL ACCESS hears that a petition from staffers at ENTERCOM/BOSTON filed with the NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD seeks to decertify AFTRA as the staff's bargaining unit. The move means that a decertification election will be called in mid-DECEMBER, around DECEMBER 19, unless the NLRB decides otherwise after a NOVEMBER 21 hearing. ENTERCOM sister Talk KIRO-A/SEATTLE staffers voted to decertify AFTRA as their bargaining representative earlier this year.



Forgive them!

They know not what they do!!!!

Are they nuts?

Granted, AFTRA doens't have the clout of the Teamsters, but what do the folks think is going to happen with AFTRA gone?

First they impose a contract and now this.

Think Howie will step up to the plate and help keep his co-workers employed, or is he the driving force behind this.

Say bye bye to your jobs!!!!
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