Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Severin / 'BCN Flip....?

There have been rumors about Infinity's possibly changing WBCN to an FM Talker with Jay Severin in the lineup.....and, while I can't add anything to the rumor....there is an interesting story by John Mainelli in the NY Post about the same rumors for Infinity's WXRK to flip to talk after Stern leaves. Unlike Boston, there seems to be more meat to the story in New York.


Meanwhile, Infinity Broadcasting is starting to announce the stations that will carry Severin's program.

Infinity Announces Severin Stations

Of course, there is no Boston station in the list, as the negotiations continue for bringing Jay to Boston.

"But Severin’s syndication deal with Infinity has clouded his future at WTKK, which would like to keep Severin on the station. “We’ve been talking to Infinity about a solution, but nothing has been decided,” said Matt Mills, vp and general manager for Greater Media’s stations in Boston."

I've said it before.....can WTKK afford to be without Severin?

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