Thursday, October 13, 2005


Is WRKO "lost"...?


More print about changes afoot at WRKO....

From the Herald's Greg Gatlin:

"Lost" WRKO trying to find itself.

When they initally announced the morning show changes, they said:

1.) Peter Blute will no longer be with the morning show.
2.) ...and, it will be a much more intelligent show.

Ummmmm, does this mean that 'A" equals "B"? Ouch! Nothing like giving someone a left handed slam on the way out the door. (Personally, I always thought that Blute was the more cerebral of the two.)

As far as building a more intelligent morning show....I like Ted Jordan's comment:

Ted Jordan, general manager of WBZ, said he tuned in to WRKO Tuesday to check it out.
But Jordan doesn't sound worried about losing his audience.
``Someone who'd alerted me to the change last week said they were going to take a news bent,'' he said. ``I tune in and hear Scott Allen Miller say I want to know what you would do if you were attacked by a pit bull.''

In radio, whenever someone attempts to do something new (and sometimes difficult), I wish them well. However, it looks like the show is not in it's final form.

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