Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The "Book" is in....!


The Summer Arbitron ratings results have arrived.

You can find them here.


Mix 98.5 (WBMX) seems to have rebounded a bit. Looks like some of their Spring and Summer format tweaking has helped. Could it be that some listeners of the former Star 93-7 have ended up there?

WROR keeps creeping upwards....to the point where they are now beating WZLX.

Country WKLB seems to have had a good summer book as well. Is Country a "summer format"?

WBZ, although plugging along witheir typical great numbers 12+, I've been told they have sunk to their worst showing in the demo. (That could be the reason for the sudden inclusion of some of the WINS imaging.)

FM Talk (96.9 WTKK) seems not to have had a great summer....but then again, that's when Jay Severin takes his 19 weeks vacation, isn't it? :-) Can they afford to not have Severin on during their fall book?

We'll have to wait and see what effect the changes at WRKO will bring to the Fall book.

Brockton based, and small-signal Hot 97-7 (WBOT) performs better than WBOS, WAAF & WMKK (Mike-FM).

Entercom can't be too happy. Their only station that is performing anywhere near competitively is WEEI. (WAAF is at their lowest numbers 12+ in a the past year and a half.)

And now....for Mike-FM

They have sunk even lower.

While most of the Jack-type stations have preformed well, there are a few that have been 'dead in the water'. One is Mike-FM here in Boston. (Last Summer, as Star 93-7 they had a 2.7, and that wasn't good enough. Now, as Mike-FM, they are at a 2.1)

The other noted flop of the format is at WCBS-FM in New York.

John Mainelli wrote about the 'CBS-FM's (ill-conceived?) flip to the 'Jack' format.

You can read Mainelli's article here:

Jack Gets Sacked!


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