Monday, October 31, 2005


WWZN Gives up the ghost?

OK, A little Haloween imagery. ;-)

But on a serious note, some major decisions are being made at WWZN - 1510AM - The Zone. More here:

Company pulls plug on WWZN's local shows


Plug pulled, WWZN staffers bid adieu

Unlike the WCRB story (below), this is a decision that people have been predicting for for the past year or so. It's amazing they could keep it afloat financially for this period of time.


Thursday, October 27, 2005 owners?...format?


Well, did anyone see this coming?

Charles River Broadcasting Puts Its Stations Up For Sale
(From Radio & Records)

Charles River Broadcasting Puts Its Stations Up For Sale

R&R has confirmed that Charles River Broadcasting's board of directors yesterday made the decision to put the company's five stations — Classical WCRB/Boston; News WCNX and Classical WCRI in Providence; and Classical WFCC and Classic Rock WKPE in Cape Cod, MA — up for sale. Media Venture Partners' Tom McKinley and George Reed have been hired to solicit bids for the five stations.

Herb McCord, who is a CRB board member, says some or all of the stations may be sold, and it's unlikely a single buyer will take all five properties. McCord also did not rule out the possibility that Charles River Broadcasting would opt not to sell WCRB or its other stations.

"This is not by any means a fait accompli," he tells R&R. "We have a sense of what the value of our stations is, based on the appraisal we received. WCRB is profitable, and there is no external cause for the decision to sell. We just have a fiduciary responsibility to the owners. There is no time frame, and no outside force driving this."

With the decision, McCord will be overseeing the stations, spending two days a week in Boston. CRB CEO Bill Campbell has been placed on medical leave.

While CRB has decided not to force WCRB's new owner to keep the station's Classical format, the company has decided to require the station's next owner to place a Classical format on its secondary HD channel. However, Boston has two other choices for Classical music on the FM dial: Harvard University-owned noncom WHRB and acclaimed NPR affiliate WGBH.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Will they allow Stern a final show...?

In a lot of cases, when a DJ is leaving, they don't allow him to have a final show, because of what he might say on the airwaves.

I would think that Howard Sterns final show would be one to tape and archive.
But when would that be? And will they pull the plug early?

Is Infinity Ready To Jack Howard Stern Off More Stations?

"Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., during our show, there will be a few small markets that we are presently on that will switch to the Jack-FM format and take us off the air," said Stern, who was not pleased with the prospect. "I guess it's the F.U. to Howard," he added.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


WILD on the FM dial?

From the Boston Globe:

A WILD change of format

October 20, 2005

As of today, Boston's heritage African-American soul station, WILD-AM (1090), is shifting format. The former urban-soul station, which has been owned by Maryland-based Radio One since 2000, will begin playing contemporary gospel as ''Boston's Inspiration Station."

Meanwhile, sister station WBOT-FM (97.7) will cease calling itself ''Hot 97.7" and shift its playlist from hip-hop and R&B to more mainstream urban-adult contemporary, picking up many of the soul artists that had aired on WILD-AM.

During evening hours, 6-10 p.m., the FM station will return to more hip-hop, with soul and ballads overnight, 10 p.m.-2 a.m.

Radio One has also applied to the FCC for a permit to change the WBOT call letters to WILD-FM. Tom Joyner's talk show, which had been heard mornings on WILD-AM, will air instead Monday through Friday, 6-10 a.m., on the FM station. -CLEA SIMON


Say, is it possible that the Globe's Clea Simon wrote an article about radio without one mistake? ;-)

Radio & Records covers the same item here:

Radio One Makes WILD Move In Boston

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Severin / 'BCN Flip....?

There have been rumors about Infinity's possibly changing WBCN to an FM Talker with Jay Severin in the lineup.....and, while I can't add anything to the rumor....there is an interesting story by John Mainelli in the NY Post about the same rumors for Infinity's WXRK to flip to talk after Stern leaves. Unlike Boston, there seems to be more meat to the story in New York.


Meanwhile, Infinity Broadcasting is starting to announce the stations that will carry Severin's program.

Infinity Announces Severin Stations

Of course, there is no Boston station in the list, as the negotiations continue for bringing Jay to Boston.

"But Severin’s syndication deal with Infinity has clouded his future at WTKK, which would like to keep Severin on the station. “We’ve been talking to Infinity about a solution, but nothing has been decided,” said Matt Mills, vp and general manager for Greater Media’s stations in Boston."

I've said it before.....can WTKK afford to be without Severin?


You can have a station too....!


It appears that someone has sucessfully challenged the license of Maynard High School's WAVM.

You can read more in the Herald's story here:

Divine intervention axes school station

One of the often overlooked aspects in the debate over "community broadcasting" is the fact that anyone can challenge your license.

If you think you can do a better job of serving the can challenge a station's license before the FCC.

Some may recall that Channel 7 (RKO General) lost their TV license, and it was awarded to a competitor applicant (David Mugar's group). With a little patience, the were finally awarded the station.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The "Book" is in....!


The Summer Arbitron ratings results have arrived.

You can find them here.


Mix 98.5 (WBMX) seems to have rebounded a bit. Looks like some of their Spring and Summer format tweaking has helped. Could it be that some listeners of the former Star 93-7 have ended up there?

WROR keeps creeping the point where they are now beating WZLX.

Country WKLB seems to have had a good summer book as well. Is Country a "summer format"?

WBZ, although plugging along witheir typical great numbers 12+, I've been told they have sunk to their worst showing in the demo. (That could be the reason for the sudden inclusion of some of the WINS imaging.)

FM Talk (96.9 WTKK) seems not to have had a great summer....but then again, that's when Jay Severin takes his 19 weeks vacation, isn't it? :-) Can they afford to not have Severin on during their fall book?

We'll have to wait and see what effect the changes at WRKO will bring to the Fall book.

Brockton based, and small-signal Hot 97-7 (WBOT) performs better than WBOS, WAAF & WMKK (Mike-FM).

Entercom can't be too happy. Their only station that is performing anywhere near competitively is WEEI. (WAAF is at their lowest numbers 12+ in a the past year and a half.)

And now....for Mike-FM

They have sunk even lower.

While most of the Jack-type stations have preformed well, there are a few that have been 'dead in the water'. One is Mike-FM here in Boston. (Last Summer, as Star 93-7 they had a 2.7, and that wasn't good enough. Now, as Mike-FM, they are at a 2.1)

The other noted flop of the format is at WCBS-FM in New York.

John Mainelli wrote about the 'CBS-FM's (ill-conceived?) flip to the 'Jack' format.

You can read Mainelli's article here:

Jack Gets Sacked!


Monday, October 17, 2005


Sweeney update....


For those needing an update on Steve Sweeney....

Some have wondered what Steve Sweeny will be doing since he is no longer doing the WZLX morning show. The Globe's Nick A. Zaino III, checked it out.

For Sweeney, a club of his own.

A comedy club...that's more for comedy that drinks? Wow! What a concept!



TalkRadio Wars!

Some might remember the days when the competition was fierce and talkradio was at it's pinnacle in Boston.

Barbara Anderson recalls some thoughts about talkradio's power, both past and present.

Too much chatter, too little intelligent discussion on talk radio

Then again, WRKO has gone for a more intelligent discussion. Recently Ted Jordan of WBZ tuned into WRKO's new morning show and commented:

`I tune in and hear Scott Allen Miller say I want to know what you would do if you were attacked by a pit bull.''


Thursday, October 13, 2005


Is WRKO "lost"...?


More print about changes afoot at WRKO....

From the Herald's Greg Gatlin:

"Lost" WRKO trying to find itself.

When they initally announced the morning show changes, they said:

1.) Peter Blute will no longer be with the morning show.
2.) ...and, it will be a much more intelligent show.

Ummmmm, does this mean that 'A" equals "B"? Ouch! Nothing like giving someone a left handed slam on the way out the door. (Personally, I always thought that Blute was the more cerebral of the two.)

As far as building a more intelligent morning show....I like Ted Jordan's comment:

Ted Jordan, general manager of WBZ, said he tuned in to WRKO Tuesday to check it out.
But Jordan doesn't sound worried about losing his audience.
``Someone who'd alerted me to the change last week said they were going to take a news bent,'' he said. ``I tune in and hear Scott Allen Miller say I want to know what you would do if you were attacked by a pit bull.''

In radio, whenever someone attempts to do something new (and sometimes difficult), I wish them well. However, it looks like the show is not in it's final form.

Monday, October 10, 2005


And what about Ralphie...?

Here's what someone sent to me....

Ralphie Marino will be back on the radio beginning this coming Monday,October 17 at WERZ 107.1 in Portsmouth New Hampshire from 5:30am-10:00am.

From market 110!

Maybe it's just that Ralphie wants to stay in New England?

For an idea of how far you should be able to pick up WERZ, click here.

Does anyone know who he is replacing?


WRKO Changes in the morning.....?

WRKO has announced some changes in their Morning Drive program:

"Boston This Morning"

BOSTON, MA (October 10, 2005) – Boston’s Talk Station, WRKO AM 680 today unveiled it’s new morning show, “Boston this Morning,” an entertaining mix of news, analysis and “Traffic on the Ones” that goes beyond brief cycles of news updates.

This might be a good change for WRKO, since they have not been able to distinguish their morning show since the old "Ted & Janet" days.

Besides WBUR, which mostly covers national news thru NPR, have there been any alternative to WBZ for serious news coverage in the morning?

Friday, October 07, 2005


And the best kept secret.....?

- a secret!

Word is that Monday, Ralphie Marino, late of the Star Morning Show, will announce on Monday where his new radio home will be.

Is it Boston? Is he replacing someone else? Is he pairing up with someone?

Lips are sealed

However, I am guessing it is NOT in Boston, since no rumors or speculation seems to be floating around town.

OK, maybe I'm wrong. ;-)

By the, as expected, Karen Blake was announced as the new Afternoon-drive jock at Oldies 103.3 She now has her own page on the oldies web site.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Karen Blake says "Stay Tuned"....!

Karen Blake's website says she is:


Is this the worst kept secret in the history of Boston Radio...?

So, check her website tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this!)



Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Have you seen me....?


Look whats been making the rounds in the email.


I believe it originated with someone writing on .

You can read their entry here.

Missing since 9/16/05!~


Maybe it IS true....

Someone emailed me and said that this rumor wasn't true.

However, here it is from

Staff Action At WODS

As first hinted on ALL ACCESS (9/30), there is big movement afoot at INFINITY/BOSTON's WODS (OLDIES 103). Market veteran and afternooner J.J. WRIGHT heads to overnights, displacing MAURICE WILKEY, who will be reassigned. New to afternoons is another familiar name, KAREN BLAKE. Look for the confirmation on this from PD PETE FALCONI's office, soon.

Monday, October 03, 2005



Rumors from Oldies 103.3 is that JJ Wright has been replaced in afternoon-drive by Karen Blake, formerly of Star 93.7......and JJ moves to overnights on Oldies.

Nothing official...still just a rumor at this point.

Anyone know more?

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