Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Severin severed...?


More from the Herald's Inside Track about Jay Severins status on WTKK:

WTKK afternoon guy Jay Severin was MIA from the airwaves again yesterday and it's possible he may never return to 96.9 FM Talk.
``I have told Jay he will not be on the air until we reach a deal,'' Greater Media major domo Peter Smyth told the Track. ``We will continue to explore all our options
Well, hey, we hear Peter Blute's available!
Anyway, Smyth & Co. are desperate to re-sign Severin, who announced last week that, as of Jan. 1, he will become the property of rival Infinity Broadcasting. Severin is set to be syndicated in 10 Infinity markets and, rumor has it, will become the new night guy on Infinity-owned WBZ-AM, taking over the old David Brudnoy slot.

I still can't see Jay Severin on WBZ....


The last 'rabble-rouser' they had on WBZ was Jerry Williams.

...how'd that work out for them?
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