Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Severin severed...?


More from the Herald's Inside Track about Jay Severins status on WTKK:

WTKK afternoon guy Jay Severin was MIA from the airwaves again yesterday and it's possible he may never return to 96.9 FM Talk.
``I have told Jay he will not be on the air until we reach a deal,'' Greater Media major domo Peter Smyth told the Track. ``We will continue to explore all our options
Well, hey, we hear Peter Blute's available!
Anyway, Smyth & Co. are desperate to re-sign Severin, who announced last week that, as of Jan. 1, he will become the property of rival Infinity Broadcasting. Severin is set to be syndicated in 10 Infinity markets and, rumor has it, will become the new night guy on Infinity-owned WBZ-AM, taking over the old David Brudnoy slot.

I still can't see Jay Severin on WBZ....


Monday, September 26, 2005


Where is Jay.....?


Jay Severin has missed the start of the Fall radio rating period, and no one is talking about exactly why he is not on the air. He hasn't appeared on the air since Scott Lehigh's column in the Globe took him up on the claim that he had won a Pulitzer for his writing.

As usual, the Herald's Inside Track column has some thoughts....

Yakker’s empty words

"WTKK's Jay Severin was caught embellishing his resume yet again. Severin, who claimed – falsely – to have won a Pulitzer Prize and who allowed himself to be introduced – falsely – as a graduate of Harvard Law School also claimed – falsely – to have a master's degree from Boston University.

Barry Nolan, CN8's roving reporter, said he brought the latest Severin subterfuge to the attention of Jay's agent, George Tobia, who told him that Jay ''skipped the graduation ceremony but remembers getting his diploma in the mail.''

Oh, that's rich!"

Rich indeed! ;-)

Maybe we could start an office pool! ;-)

....Will Jay be back?


Thursday, September 22, 2005




The buzz around some radio circle this week has been about Jay Severin's conspicuous absences from his regular time slot at WTKK. And today,the first day of the Fall rating period, he still isn't back.

The Herald's "Inside Track" column seems to have the best take on it.

Rumor has Severin severin' his 'TKK ties

"The most popular theory is that Severin, whose 'TKK contract runs out at the end of the year, will jump ship to Infinity-owned WBZ-AM, taking over the slot held for years by the late David Brudnoy. Although 96.9 FM, where Severin has been the top ratings performer since its start, is desperate to keep him."

For some reason or another, I can't see Jay Severin's....errrrr...."style"....over at WBZ. Maybe it's just me.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It took a lickin'....and it's still tickin'....(sorta)!


The Globe's Clea Simon, writes about Business Station WBIX, who's very existance was shaken when the scandal of it's owner, Brad Bliedt became public.

Despite layoffs, WBIX is still in business

(Personally, I had hoped WBIX would go standards, to fill in the gap left by WXKS's flip to Air America.)


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