Wednesday, August 31, 2005




Someone in the comments section asked about WBZ's 25-54 #'s.

Thanks to someone "on the inside" who sent me some numbers from the most recent trend.

25-54, all day...WBZ is in 10th place with a 3.6

They were also in 10th place in the Spring book with a 3.8.

Over the past year or so, they have been in 3rd, 5th, 10th, 10th & 8th.

So, while this is down for them, it appears they've been 10th before, but this trend (3.6) is pretty low for them.

Then again, many always suspected that WBZ's #'s were mostly made up of a humongous amount of 55+ folk, who made their 12+ numbers look good.

Elsewhere in the demo.....

AM Drive, WBZ is in 3rd(5.8)
Middays, WBZ is in 17th(!) place(2.1)
PM Drive, WBZ is in 10th place(3.6)
Evenings, WBZ is in 6th place(3.9)

By comparison....

Overall , WRKO is in 14th place(2.6) in the demo.

AM Drive, WRKO is in 13th place(2.6).
Midday, WRKO is in 15th place(2.3).
PM Drive, WRKO is in 5th(!) place(4.5).Evenings
WRKO is in 12th place(3.0)

If anyone else has any ratings info they can send along, I will be sure to keep the source confidential.

Till next time!



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