Thursday, August 04, 2005


No Mo Flo....?


The Boston Herald reports today that Flo Jonic, a longtime reporter for that station, was fired after a dispute over a story.

WBZ doesn't go with Flo on story

" Jonic was assigned a story on potential security issues surrounding the FBI's Boston offices at One Center Plaza. She began digging in a week ago and put together what one insider said was a very strong report.
But the FBI told WBZ that reporting such a story would be reckless and could put lives in danger. Indeed, the FBI was antsy enough yesterday that they quizzed me and other Herald editors about what I planned to write about security issues.
That message was sent up the chain of command at WBZ and higher to parent company Viacom's New York offices. And the story stalled.
Jonic responded by sending an electronic message to Program Director Peter Casey and Assistant News Director Paul Connearney – and copied it to the entire newsroom. The message essentially said that they had caved to pressure from the FBI and had lost standing in the newsroom. "


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