Saturday, July 02, 2005


The River flow continues....


Bob Mendelsohn has left the GM chair at The River (WXRV - 92.5) in Haverhill. (H is leaving to "reflct and explore other opportunities".)

The River has had a reasonable amount of sucess with the AAA format, especially in light of it's limitations. (Signal, billing, ownership resources.)

However, The River appears to always be in a state of flux. On the face of it, it appears to have a hard time holding on to ANY PD's (and others) come and go. One has to wonder what is going on up there internally, to have such a liquid situation.

With the sucess they have had, you would think they would start to build some long term staffers.

Whow knows....

BTW...If you know anyone looking for a GM job....tell them The River is currently looking for one! ....if they dare.


I’ve heard the owner is a lawyer who has some mental problems. Insulting and screaming at employees, telling them they’re stupid. And you wonder why they have so much turn-over.

It’s just radio with another
egomaniac at the helm.
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