Wednesday, July 06, 2005


New PD at Mix.....!


Mix-ing up the local radio scene

"Boston radio veteran Jerry McKenna has left his job as program director of ''Mike" FM and will take over programming duties at Mix 98.5 FM. McKenna is credited with much of the success of ''Star" 93.7 FM before it switched to the so-called ''Mike" format."

A few aloud thoughts.

-Was Star considered a "sucess"? Such a sucess that they flipped the station to an unproven format?

-Was Jerry McKenna ever a PD before Star 93-7? I hard that he worked a a promo rep in the recording industry...and the article says he previously worked at Kiss 108. However, he was never the PD there at Kiss....and he was never a featured on-air personality.

Seems like the jump of the year.

Mike Mullaney, music director at Mix 98-5, has been running the PD-less station since it's last PD left to go to XM(?). Did he want this PD job? Is McKenna better qualified for this job than Mullaney?


WMKK (93.7 Mike-FM)/Boston welcomes Steve Jones to its PD post.

I had wondered how long McKEnna would be at Star, as many see him as a "dance" music kinda guy. Did he leave on his own? Did he get bumped for a PD better suited to "Mike-FM"?

Does anyone know about Steve Jones?

"Jones takes on PD duties for eclectic Adult Hits WMKK (93.7 Mike FM)/Boston after serving as VP/Programming for Canadian broadcaster Newcap Radio. In his former role, Jones was responsible for the programming of 65 radio stations. Jones starts his new duties July 15."

Here's a quick bio and some of his thoughts.

Ya gotta feel for Mike M. What does a guy have to do to prove himself? One of these days he will get his due. Let's hope it's not with a Greater Media station. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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