Saturday, July 02, 2005


The Fourth.....!


This year, WBZ will be carrying the Fourth of July Boston Pops Concert on the Esplanade, including the Fireworks. (Fireworks on the radio? What a spendid idea!) ;-) I'm told that coverage begins at 7PM. It's interesting that no FM's will be carrying as in the past.

I remember years ago, WBZ and WHDH were battling it out for the rights to the concert. If I recall correctly it was a year that WBZ lost the concert, and WHDH snagged it. WBZ was apparently miffed, so they aired last years concert, while WHDH ran the current concert live. I always wondered how many people didn't realize that they were not listening to the live concert from the Esplanade.

If you haven't had your fill of Live 8, locally, WBMX - Mix 98.5 will be carrying the concert live all day (audio only). The BBC is supposed to be carrying the TV/Video stream online. (AOL is also carrying it.)

Thea weather this weekend is perfect!

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth!


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