Thursday, June 02, 2005


Top National Talkers....!


Talkers magazine has come out with it's list of top national talk show hosts.

Please feel free to correct any station information I have that is incorrect...especially those that are 'not in market'. (Are they available on any suburban stations?)

1. Rush Limbaugh - WRKO-Noon

2. Sean Hannity - WTKK-10PM

3(t). Howard Stern - WBCN-6AM

3(t). Michael Savage - WRKO-7PM

5. Dr. Laura Schlessinger - WTTT-9PM

6. Laura Ingraham - WTKK-7PM

7. Jim Bohannon - Not in market

8(t). Neal Boortz - Not in market

8(t). Mike Gallagher - WTTT-9AM

10. Clark Howard - Not in market?

11(t). Glen Beck - WGIR/WTAG-9AM

11(t). Don Imus - WTKK-5:30AM

11(t). Bill O'Reilly - WTKK-1PM

11(t). Doug Stephan - Not in market

15(t). George Noory - WRKO-1AM

15(t). Dr. Joy Brown - WCAP-10AM

17(t). Kim Kommando - WRKO(?)

17(t). Michael Medved - WTTT-3PM

17(t). Dave Ramsey - WEZE-4PM

17(t). Jim Rome - WSKO-3PM

21(t). Bob Brinker - WRKO-wknds 4PM

21(t). G. Gordon Liddy - Not in market

23(t). Jerry Doyle - WRKO Sat 11PM

23(t). Tom Leykis - Not in market

25. Bill Bennett - WTTT-6AM

25(t). Jim Cramer - WBIX-?/WCAP-9PM (No "official" site?)

25(t). Dr. Dean Edell - WCAP-9AM

25(t). Phil Hendrie - WGIR-10PM

25(t). Rusty Humphries - Not in market

25(t). Tony Snow - Not in market

While I am a big fan of local talk, I DO wish I could hear some of these shows.

I do remember Jim Bohannon when he was the regular fill-in guy for Larry King on Mutual. I miss hearing him.

Anyone remember Dr. Joy Browne when she was on 1510AM? ;-)


It's sad that the top talker are folks who simply read the latest talking points from the GOP. Those on top have done a good job with their TSL (time spent listening) although cume (actual numbers of listeners per quarter hour) have remained about the same over the last few years. It would be nice to hear some inovative thinkers crack the Top 10
George Noory (coast-to-coast) is on 1 am on WRKO, not midnite.

**George Noory (coast-to-coast) is on 1 am on WRKO, not midnite.**

Thanks...I fixed it. -editor
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