Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The Little Engine that could.....


Uh-oh....stagnant content! Cant have that! ;-)

There was an article in The Weekly Dig about Bob Bittner's little station in Cambridge.

WJIB 740 AM - The not very big easy

I'm not sure if the "Weekly Dig" is quite the demo for WJIB, but a nice article.

Bob Bittner has been working hard (and on a budget) to make WJIB a good station at what it does. Locally owned, and locally programmed. It's nice to see people sit up and take notice.

Here's an interesting fact. WJIB's little 250 watt signal (5 watts at night?) gets more listners that Salem's 5,000 watt WTTT....and 50,000 watt WWZN, The Zone 1510AM.

BTW....Does anyone know if WJIB has a webpage anywhere? If not, Iwould hope he puts up a simply page with some of the basic information about the station. (Even if it's on an AOL or Comcast domain.)


at one time I think Paul Walker Jr. from Conn. put up a page for WJIB but it's probably gone by now...WJIB also does better in ratings than both of the Air America stations including WXKS, whose listeners probably migrated to 740.

If you go to wjib.com you get an AfterNIC page saying that the asking price for said domain is $4,450. Not sure who owns it but some people register domain names of stations hoping that the station will _buy it from them__--raccoonradio

I think Bob Bittner has an AOL account. He could probably put a real basic page up there for free. And relatively easy.

Maybe he should ask someone to do it for free.

to whom it may concern!
i can cot hear your station past
brockton in the day time @ noc i can't hear you AT ALL!can you do something about this
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