Friday, June 10, 2005


Jack (errr...Mike)'s got a 'tude?


(Paraphrasing from a NY Post story which isn't availble online.)
Recently in New York City, WCBS-FM flipped format from oldies to "Jack" (Or "Mike", as it's referred to here...)

Jack-FM has been asking for listeners to phone in their comments, just like a lot of other stations. But Jack-FM has even aired recordings of some bitterly disappointed oldies fams complaining about the switch!

"I find nothing good about Jack!" said one caller. "Get the Hell off the air" said another. "This is a joke, isn't it? It's gotta be a joke!"

Says one of the suits at Infinity/CBS, "Jack is an attitude and not a person". "It's a radio station that's not afraid to take shots at itself." Says the executive.

And in response to the NY Post headline on Saturday "Bloodbath at CBS-FM!".......the anonymous voice of Jack spouted "Hey Post, thanks for spelling our name right!".

This takes a little bit of guts to aknowledge and air commetns from listeners who are dissapointed.

Here in Boston, at "Mike-FM', they took a little bit different tack with their dissapointed callers. Take a look at this story from a former Star listener Ruth Obrien

When the format changed I did not like it. I like the music, some of which I hadn't heard in years. But I didn't like the lack of personality. It became just ANOTHER animated system. I wake up to radio in the morning and listened to Star. Now the time spent getting ready is just as mundane as the station. I will change the station this weekend to anything else., especially after what I heard this morning.

Last Saturday they broadcasted a number to call and critique the format. So I gladly called to tell them how I feel. My statement goes like this:" I just wanted to say that I do not like the new format at all. The music is great, some of which I haven't heard in years...But, the station now lacks personality. The announcements are obnoxious. I really miss fast Freddie,Ralphie & Karen and Lady D in the afternoon. I just love 'em! Bring back the dj"s, I don't like this."

When I called in the message said they may use our comments on air. I hung up, I thought, Well they certainly won't use my comment on the air.

Well, this morning, I thought I heard my voice on the station. I did! But MIKE93.7 fm took parts of my message and made it sound positive..I heard," The music is great, some of which I haven't heard in years. I just love 'em"

Gee, now that takes some hutspah? Doesn't it?


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