Sunday, June 05, 2005


I can hear them....can't you?


The last few years has seen a lot of talk about the programming and signals of the secondary AM stations in Boston. Stations like WTTT-1150AM, WKOX-1200AM and WBIX-1060AM, WMKI-1260AM, WXKS-1430AM.

For a few years, these stations were very neglected with programming, sometimes simulcasting. Lately, these stations all seems to be putting some kind of effort behind programming them. WXKS/WKOX doing Air America.... WMKI...doing Disney WTTT doing network talk. (While local talk would be better, having the resources of the network allows them toi have programming that could reach more people than barter, religion or foreign language. Remember when they were doing Portagese?)

Now, just looking at the daytime seems that most of these cover Boston pretty well.

WXKS - This seems to have the best of the bunch, as they seem to have the strongest signal in the DT Boston. The map indicates a strong saturation of signal over the populace.

WTTT - Doesn't seem to have such a bad daytime reach either, again the strength of their daytime signal, seems to cover the areas of heavy population in the metro.

WMKI - Not bad during the day.

WBIX (Are those even the calls anymore?) - Again, not bad daytime....great reach to NH, etc. But you can see that their signal is centered slightly towards it's strongest signal is not on top of DT Boston. (I've heard people say that they have trouble picking it up in the finanaicl district during the day.....when they had the financial format, and when it would've been a good idea to hear it there.) ;-)

WKOX - This too has a pretty good reach...and most people seem to be able to hear it everhwere they want to during the day. However, they, too, have a signal whose strength is not over the downtown area. A pairing of them with WXKS seems like a pretty good idea, as I don't thing there would be anyone in the metro during the day that can't pick up one or the other. Now the distraction of explaing the two frequencies to people is another drawback. ;-)

WWZN - Even WWZN has a pretty good daytime signal.....a daytime signal that covers where people are.

I'm glad to see that these stations have come back to life somewhat, and someone has sought uses for these signals (Although WBIX is in flux right now....and what up for WWZN?)

Car radios with their supurb AM band reception....and with the digital tuning that's everywhere now, I would think these stations could stay somewhat viable.

Again, I did not use a feild strength meter, these are jut my opiniosn....

Your thoughts?


Yes here on the North Shore these stations come in fairly well at least in the daytime, though WTTT can be weak in spots. Some say the non-existant ratings for Air America is due to weak signals. What about the fact that the 1430 stick is in Medford, VERY close to downtown Boston, Cambridge, etc.? I'm thinking the reason people aren't tuning in (at least in the 12+ ratings) is the programming, not the signals. (raccoonradio)
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