Thursday, June 23, 2005


Elsewhere in New England.....


In Vermont, "Alice" gos Adult Hits.

WXAL/WLKC simulcast. WXAL is in the Middlebury area....and WLKC, are both sub-par signals in Burlington.

Hartfords WKSS gets a $4,000 FCC fine for a mis-handled contest prize.

I don't know if the fine is worse than the bad publicity for botching a promotion.

An impatient FCC finally busts "Radio Free Brattleboro" and seizes the pirates equipment.

How long did it take for them to shut him down? Years?

Why does the New England Revolution acadamy program seem like it is just a premier team with a special name. Do they have any intention on developing this into something that can really benifet the team? I would rather spend $1m a year on development programs then getting a DP.
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