Friday, June 03, 2005


CBS/Infinity Flips A Pair Of 'Jacks'


From Radio & Records Online:

" The company abandoned Oldies at legendary WCBS-FM/New York and WJMK/Chicago at 5pm ET today in favor of the radio industry's hot new format. WCBS PD Dave Logan and morning host Micky Dolenz both exited in the flip. New York listeners were delivered a jolt when the station introduced the format with Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right." However, WCBS' Oldies format will live on in cyberspace, as the website will carry the torch for the station's old programming. WCBS VP/GM Chad Brown said, "New York deserves a radio station that is equally as eclectic as its listeners' personalities and attitudes. We look forward to changing the landscape of the New York radio market."

Commenting on his station's new playlist, which includes Guns N' Roses, The Romantics and Rick James, WJMK VP/GM Dave Robbins said, "These are the songs that we all loved, growing up, but haven't heard in years. But this station is about more than just the music — it's about being a true reflection of our great city's culture." WJMK's former Oldies format can also be heard online, at

Wow! Is this format proven enough to dump such an established format on CBS-FM?

Not sure...but I have a vision of lemmings. ;-)



When I first read about new Jacks in NY and Chicago, I had figured that it would be WNEW and WCKG, both slumping badly in the ratings (and WCKG was to lose Stern in the new year). Instead, it was a couple of semi-decent rated stations WJMK and the legendary WCBS-FM! Kinda makes you wonder about what heritage means anymore. If you thought that people were P.O.'d about Star here, you ain't seen nothing yet!

The idea of a fourth station (a future 103-3 Jack-FM, along with Mike, 'ZLX and 'ROR) going wall-to-wall Led Zep, Hendrix, Aerosmith, The Who, Floyd, U2, AC/DC, Guns'N'Roses, Nirvana, Van Halen, etc. isn't going over well with me, and let's not forget that Mix does all that on weekends, and that the alleged alternative rock station, WBCN, plays all the above classic artists as well. In a nutshell, all four CBS FM stations playing the same G-damn "Stairway To Free Bird At Hotel California." Yeeccch!
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