Thursday, June 30, 2005


Boston Latin.....!


I don't know who his publicist is, but apparently they are working to make Jose Masso's 'Con Salsa' on WBUR much more visible. Probably because the time slot it occupies is Midnight.

Here is the Globe's story...

He gives local Latinos a voice

Here is the Herald's version:

Boston Latin: Jose Masso celebrates 30 years of radio `Con Salsa'

(However, a subscription is required for the article.)

Rumblings: Karen Blake has been heard on Mike-FM (WMKK) doing prerecorded, she is apparently keeping an affiliation with Entercom. Could it lead to more? Will Mike-FM have live jocks? Also heard one morning on Mike-FM was Lady D......doing requests as well. Are they still under contract? There's been some speculation that Lady D might show up doing nights at Mix 98.5 (WBMX). Would she be hired while she is still keeping her profile alive on 93.7?



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