Thursday, June 30, 2005


Boston Latin.....!


I don't know who his publicist is, but apparently they are working to make Jose Masso's 'Con Salsa' on WBUR much more visible. Probably because the time slot it occupies is Midnight.

Here is the Globe's story...

He gives local Latinos a voice

Here is the Herald's version:

Boston Latin: Jose Masso celebrates 30 years of radio `Con Salsa'

(However, a subscription is required for the article.)

Rumblings: Karen Blake has been heard on Mike-FM (WMKK) doing prerecorded, she is apparently keeping an affiliation with Entercom. Could it lead to more? Will Mike-FM have live jocks? Also heard one morning on Mike-FM was Lady D......doing requests as well. Are they still under contract? There's been some speculation that Lady D might show up doing nights at Mix 98.5 (WBMX). Would she be hired while she is still keeping her profile alive on 93.7?



Tuesday, June 28, 2005




There has been a lot of "what if" talk in Boston about how lucrative it might be for one of the Boston FM's to ditch their current format and do a hot contemporary spanish format.

Up in the Merrimack Valley, where the spanish population is large, one group seems to be doing well, especially since the competion (WLLH/WAMG) is ready to drop their Spanish format and run ESPN sports.

The Globe had this article:

Grabbing the Latino Market by the ear

A lot of quotes in that story that should have been challenged, especially where Mr. Costa says he wants to increase their power and range, etc., to reach Boston.

From what I understand, this is a virtual impossibility.

I'm glad to see that they are sucessful. However, I wonder how they can be SO sucessful running 3 AM's in Spanish(2-1/2 really, as 1490AM is moving in that direction)....and people can't see to make ONE local AM work in English anymore.

Here is a look at the WNNW website



Local public radio service to the entire Cape...


Station group spans the Cape

The Brewster station should extend the stations' reach from Hyannis to Provincetown, offering ''a local public radio service to the entire Cape," as WGBH vice president and radio general manager Marita Rivero said in a statement announcing the launch.

I can only imagine that the effort to extend WGBH's influence to the Cape, is due to the fact that that is where the upper income donors are....especially during the summer.


Monday, June 27, 2005


Does this capture the essence of Eddie....or what!


I'm not sure why, but I love this caricature!



Grab that Ipod....!


The big groups are starting to move into podcasting!

Infinity To Podcast Nine All News Stations

This includes WBZ here in Boston. (Along with WCBS in NYC.)


Clear Channel To Offer Morning Show Podcasts

Althought, no Clear Channel properties in Boston are podcasting.

Here is the Globe's take on WBZ's venture into podcasting

How long before music stations start podcasting? I can imagine the licensing issues that would have to be addressed.


Thursday, June 23, 2005


Elsewhere in New England.....


In Vermont, "Alice" gos Adult Hits.

WXAL/WLKC simulcast. WXAL is in the Middlebury area....and WLKC, are both sub-par signals in Burlington.

Hartfords WKSS gets a $4,000 FCC fine for a mis-handled contest prize.

I don't know if the fine is worse than the bad publicity for botching a promotion.

An impatient FCC finally busts "Radio Free Brattleboro" and seizes the pirates equipment.

How long did it take for them to shut him down? Years?


Trend Day.....!


Two-thirds of the rating period are done, and phase II of the Spring rating period got delivered today.

You can peruse the results here.



Howdy Doody.....!


It appears that WBOS has settled on a new afternoon-drive jock.

You might remember Joanne Doody, who did many years at WFNX, WLYT, WXRV "The River" and WHOB. She appears to be liked and respected in the radio community here in Boston

You can check here out here.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The Little Engine that could.....


Uh-oh....stagnant content! Cant have that! ;-)

There was an article in The Weekly Dig about Bob Bittner's little station in Cambridge.

WJIB 740 AM - The not very big easy

I'm not sure if the "Weekly Dig" is quite the demo for WJIB, but a nice article.

Bob Bittner has been working hard (and on a budget) to make WJIB a good station at what it does. Locally owned, and locally programmed. It's nice to see people sit up and take notice.

Here's an interesting fact. WJIB's little 250 watt signal (5 watts at night?) gets more listners that Salem's 5,000 watt WTTT....and 50,000 watt WWZN, The Zone 1510AM.

BTW....Does anyone know if WJIB has a webpage anywhere? If not, Iwould hope he puts up a simply page with some of the basic information about the station. (Even if it's on an AOL or Comcast domain.)


Sunday, June 12, 2005


Nightime on the AM band...


Kevin emailed me to say that, even with the good daytime signals of the cities AM's, it's hard to have a sucessful station without a consistant 24 hour signal, and that's what seperates the men from the boys on the AM band. And that the nightime signal is essential to any format. (Key being reliability and consistancy.)

I don't think that anyone would disagree that WBZ, WRKO and WEEI have the best all around signals.....and the 3 best AM signals in the city at night.

After the big 3, here is what appears to be the order of the best nightime signals in the Boston Metro after dark. Agree?

WEZE - 590AM

WWZN - 1510AM

WMKI - 1260AM

WTTT - 1150AM

WRCA - 1330AM

WXKS - 1430AM

WAMG - 890AM

WBIX - 1060AM

WKOX - 1200AM

WROL - 950AM

WJIB - 740AM


Friday, June 10, 2005


Jack (errr...Mike)'s got a 'tude?


(Paraphrasing from a NY Post story which isn't availble online.)
Recently in New York City, WCBS-FM flipped format from oldies to "Jack" (Or "Mike", as it's referred to here...)

Jack-FM has been asking for listeners to phone in their comments, just like a lot of other stations. But Jack-FM has even aired recordings of some bitterly disappointed oldies fams complaining about the switch!

"I find nothing good about Jack!" said one caller. "Get the Hell off the air" said another. "This is a joke, isn't it? It's gotta be a joke!"

Says one of the suits at Infinity/CBS, "Jack is an attitude and not a person". "It's a radio station that's not afraid to take shots at itself." Says the executive.

And in response to the NY Post headline on Saturday "Bloodbath at CBS-FM!".......the anonymous voice of Jack spouted "Hey Post, thanks for spelling our name right!".

This takes a little bit of guts to aknowledge and air commetns from listeners who are dissapointed.

Here in Boston, at "Mike-FM', they took a little bit different tack with their dissapointed callers. Take a look at this story from a former Star listener Ruth Obrien

When the format changed I did not like it. I like the music, some of which I hadn't heard in years. But I didn't like the lack of personality. It became just ANOTHER animated system. I wake up to radio in the morning and listened to Star. Now the time spent getting ready is just as mundane as the station. I will change the station this weekend to anything else., especially after what I heard this morning.

Last Saturday they broadcasted a number to call and critique the format. So I gladly called to tell them how I feel. My statement goes like this:" I just wanted to say that I do not like the new format at all. The music is great, some of which I haven't heard in years...But, the station now lacks personality. The announcements are obnoxious. I really miss fast Freddie,Ralphie & Karen and Lady D in the afternoon. I just love 'em! Bring back the dj"s, I don't like this."

When I called in the message said they may use our comments on air. I hung up, I thought, Well they certainly won't use my comment on the air.

Well, this morning, I thought I heard my voice on the station. I did! But MIKE93.7 fm took parts of my message and made it sound positive..I heard," The music is great, some of which I haven't heard in years. I just love 'em"

Gee, now that takes some hutspah? Doesn't it?


Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Star hears your voice...?


I don't know if the disenchantment of the former Star listeners has been heard by the folks at Entercom....but this letter went out yesterday:

To: Friends of Star 93.7
From: Karen Blake

Re: Exciting News!!

I'm thrilled to announce that your voices have been heard! Star 93.7 is now broadcasting on line!Whether you are at home or in the office, when you are in the mood to hear your favorite Star music, including those Club Classics you love, simply log onto! Join me, Karen Blake along with Fast Freddy at today! We're here 24 hours a day and I know you are going to love it as much as I do!

Karen Blake

Does this mean that Karen and Freddy will be on 24 hours a day? Or just the streaming music?

In New York, WCBS-FM announced that they would stream the oldies format and that they are hoping to include some of the high-profile jocks they have been known for.

From their website:

"We are very excited about WCBS FM online, and our goal is to have many of the-on air personalities you have enjoyed and loved over the years stream their shows live."

I don't know if the former talent lineup at 'CBS-FM will be interested in doing shows simply for the benefit of those listening online.

Now will Star online include actual shows of Karen and others....? ...or is their intention just to have Karen voicing some generic announcements between the songs?

Anyone know?


Sunday, June 05, 2005


I can hear them....can't you?


The last few years has seen a lot of talk about the programming and signals of the secondary AM stations in Boston. Stations like WTTT-1150AM, WKOX-1200AM and WBIX-1060AM, WMKI-1260AM, WXKS-1430AM.

For a few years, these stations were very neglected with programming, sometimes simulcasting. Lately, these stations all seems to be putting some kind of effort behind programming them. WXKS/WKOX doing Air America.... WMKI...doing Disney WTTT doing network talk. (While local talk would be better, having the resources of the network allows them toi have programming that could reach more people than barter, religion or foreign language. Remember when they were doing Portagese?)

Now, just looking at the daytime seems that most of these cover Boston pretty well.

WXKS - This seems to have the best of the bunch, as they seem to have the strongest signal in the DT Boston. The map indicates a strong saturation of signal over the populace.

WTTT - Doesn't seem to have such a bad daytime reach either, again the strength of their daytime signal, seems to cover the areas of heavy population in the metro.

WMKI - Not bad during the day.

WBIX (Are those even the calls anymore?) - Again, not bad daytime....great reach to NH, etc. But you can see that their signal is centered slightly towards it's strongest signal is not on top of DT Boston. (I've heard people say that they have trouble picking it up in the finanaicl district during the day.....when they had the financial format, and when it would've been a good idea to hear it there.) ;-)

WKOX - This too has a pretty good reach...and most people seem to be able to hear it everhwere they want to during the day. However, they, too, have a signal whose strength is not over the downtown area. A pairing of them with WXKS seems like a pretty good idea, as I don't thing there would be anyone in the metro during the day that can't pick up one or the other. Now the distraction of explaing the two frequencies to people is another drawback. ;-)

WWZN - Even WWZN has a pretty good daytime signal.....a daytime signal that covers where people are.

I'm glad to see that these stations have come back to life somewhat, and someone has sought uses for these signals (Although WBIX is in flux right now....and what up for WWZN?)

Car radios with their supurb AM band reception....and with the digital tuning that's everywhere now, I would think these stations could stay somewhat viable.

Again, I did not use a feild strength meter, these are jut my opiniosn....

Your thoughts?


Friday, June 03, 2005


CBS/Infinity Flips A Pair Of 'Jacks'


From Radio & Records Online:

" The company abandoned Oldies at legendary WCBS-FM/New York and WJMK/Chicago at 5pm ET today in favor of the radio industry's hot new format. WCBS PD Dave Logan and morning host Micky Dolenz both exited in the flip. New York listeners were delivered a jolt when the station introduced the format with Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right." However, WCBS' Oldies format will live on in cyberspace, as the website will carry the torch for the station's old programming. WCBS VP/GM Chad Brown said, "New York deserves a radio station that is equally as eclectic as its listeners' personalities and attitudes. We look forward to changing the landscape of the New York radio market."

Commenting on his station's new playlist, which includes Guns N' Roses, The Romantics and Rick James, WJMK VP/GM Dave Robbins said, "These are the songs that we all loved, growing up, but haven't heard in years. But this station is about more than just the music — it's about being a true reflection of our great city's culture." WJMK's former Oldies format can also be heard online, at

Wow! Is this format proven enough to dump such an established format on CBS-FM?

Not sure...but I have a vision of lemmings. ;-)



Thursday, June 02, 2005


Top National Talkers....!


Talkers magazine has come out with it's list of top national talk show hosts.

Please feel free to correct any station information I have that is incorrect...especially those that are 'not in market'. (Are they available on any suburban stations?)

1. Rush Limbaugh - WRKO-Noon

2. Sean Hannity - WTKK-10PM

3(t). Howard Stern - WBCN-6AM

3(t). Michael Savage - WRKO-7PM

5. Dr. Laura Schlessinger - WTTT-9PM

6. Laura Ingraham - WTKK-7PM

7. Jim Bohannon - Not in market

8(t). Neal Boortz - Not in market

8(t). Mike Gallagher - WTTT-9AM

10. Clark Howard - Not in market?

11(t). Glen Beck - WGIR/WTAG-9AM

11(t). Don Imus - WTKK-5:30AM

11(t). Bill O'Reilly - WTKK-1PM

11(t). Doug Stephan - Not in market

15(t). George Noory - WRKO-1AM

15(t). Dr. Joy Brown - WCAP-10AM

17(t). Kim Kommando - WRKO(?)

17(t). Michael Medved - WTTT-3PM

17(t). Dave Ramsey - WEZE-4PM

17(t). Jim Rome - WSKO-3PM

21(t). Bob Brinker - WRKO-wknds 4PM

21(t). G. Gordon Liddy - Not in market

23(t). Jerry Doyle - WRKO Sat 11PM

23(t). Tom Leykis - Not in market

25. Bill Bennett - WTTT-6AM

25(t). Jim Cramer - WBIX-?/WCAP-9PM (No "official" site?)

25(t). Dr. Dean Edell - WCAP-9AM

25(t). Phil Hendrie - WGIR-10PM

25(t). Rusty Humphries - Not in market

25(t). Tony Snow - Not in market

While I am a big fan of local talk, I DO wish I could hear some of these shows.

I do remember Jim Bohannon when he was the regular fill-in guy for Larry King on Mutual. I miss hearing him.

Anyone remember Dr. Joy Browne when she was on 1510AM? ;-)


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