Friday, May 20, 2005


Meanwhile, it's fun to speculate....


"The Celtics' decisions aren't all on-court for the coming season. On the media front, they've got to sort out their radio situation, preferably sooner rather than later, to allow sales departments to get to work. Meanwhile, it's a great time to speculate on what might happen."

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I predict that WBCN will become the C's and B's (if they ever come back) new home. Why? I was going with WZLX, which had the worst ratings among CBS FM stations this past winter, and whose classic rock was being emptied onto WBCN, Oldies and Mix. However, WZLX just had a great ratings period, and is projected to be #6 overall and #3 25-54 this spring, while WBCN, which is projected to do much better than either Oldies or Mix, will lose its ratings bread and butter, Howard Stern, on New Year's Day. Conflicts would air on WBZ-AM, which would become the #2 sports station in Boston, since I project that CBS Radio will get the Red Sox rights (for 'BCN) as well.
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