Monday, May 30, 2005


Billing? We don't need any stinkin' billing!


Billing estimates are out for Boston stations. Here are the top dogs in Boston:

WBZ-AM - $35 million

WEEI-AM - $33.4 million

WXKS-FM - $28.3 million

WMJX-FM - $26.1 million

WBCN-FM - $25.5 million

WJMN-FM - $21.4 million

A couple of thoughts:

My understanding is that these estimates involve the station reporting their billing to an outside organization. So, there is some dependence on stations not inflation their numbers (Remember the recent newpaper circulation scandal?) And a few "guesstimates" probably go into the equation.

Secondly, some billing numbers have to be taken in light of expenditures by stations. WBZ's all-news format is expensive to run. WBCN has Patriots rights they have to pay for. 'EEI has the Red Sox rights. WMJX is not known for a high payroll, but spends close to a million dollars a year on TV advertising. Kiss has Matty's salary.

If anyone has billing information for the rest of the market (WODS, WRKO, WCRB, WTKK, WKLB, WROR, WZLX, WBMX, WQSX WBOS, WAAF, WPLM, WXRV, WFNX, WEZE/WTTT and WBOT) please drop me a note. (My email at left.)



Keep this in mind the next time your station tells you "We can't afford it"!

WBOS from what I understand still is the number two revenue producing station at Greater Media Boston..WROR on the other hand (from what I have been told) continues to seems that since Raines (PD) moved to ZLX they have not recovered. Knight (current PD) moved ROR from a classic hit format to classic rock then back to classic hits (kinda) and now to a blend of oldies and classic hits. In addition he has not established a solid line up. JJ Wright, Stella Mars, Carl Cross, Tai etc. were all pushed out the door. It's a good thing that they have Loren & Wally in the mornings. I understand that KLB has shown steady improvement over the last few years as has TKK.
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